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Re: COVID-19

Posted by Ncnc98 on Apr 24, 2020 9:08 pm

Hi everyone. There's no way that COVID-19 can't be on everyone's mind. It attacks the body and each person's emotional well-being. Not everyone will get the virus, but everyone will experience some kind of emotional impact.

In fact, to maintain your physical health you need to self-isolate and keep your physical distance, which can make the emotional impact even greater. Without distractions (like playing games, listening to music, reading, taking up a craft, completing items on our to-do list), it's the perfect storm for spending those days at home...worrying.

While I was going through cancer treatments, I wrote the following poem, which is even more relevant now.


Worrydom is a kingdom
That nobody wants to reign.
It’s full of supposition
And its self-inflicted pain.

It’s a place you may visit
When you don’t know what to do.
But understand its dangers;
There’s nothing good for you.

Your burdens may seem many
And cause stress upon your mind.
But there’s light in the darkness
And light’s what you have to find.

Don’t think about tomorrow.
Focus solely on today.
An inner peace will fill you
And you’ll see a brighter way.

Your trip uphill may seem long
And feel hard to reach the top.
But when your burden’s lighter
You won’t really need to stop.

Worry can only hurt you;
To yourself you must be kind.
Look forward to your future;
Leave Worrydom far behind.

Take care of yourselves both physically and emotionally. 


Re: COVID-19

Posted by WereGirl on Apr 30, 2020 11:32 am

Hello ashcon,

Thank you for the heads up. It is actually the surgeon taking initiative to check the nodes he felt as the imaging etc. came back with them all being with in the normal range which is why when he sent me back for an additional biopsy it was the radiologist that denied it. The surgeon advised again just before surgery that he will be looking further while he in in there.

I don't know if I have just lucked out but so far recovery has gone well, I feel fine, have not had to take any pain medication at all and am really only contending with some stiffness and muscle type soreness. We are waiting for the pathology to come back on the sentinol node biopsy and what ever else was done. I have follow ups with oncology and surgical already set so now it is just a waiting game for results.

Re: COVID-19

Posted by Lianne_Moderator on Jun 17, 2020 6:32 pm


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