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Good analogies for explaining cancer to children

Good analogies for explaining cancer to children

Posted by Hezz on Feb 21, 2020 10:00 pm

I am a grandma of 4...ages 5, 4, 2 and 1. I am also a Pastor to Children and Youth. So, being diagnosed with cancer last month has meant a lot of explaining to little people why and how I am sick, along with the reason for any surgeries or treatments that I will have.

My daughters have been keeping my 2 eldest grand-kiddos up to speed in the most age-appropriate way as possible since my diagnosis. Last week I gave a letter to the parents of all the children/preteens at my church to use with their children, should they want to. But, I am thinking of making a cartoon, aimed at ages 4-8, to explain cancer and it's treatments.

My skills are still developing, but I have been working with using cartoon-making software for about a year, so I think this is possible. Here's my question...
I am thinking about a weird/evil tree that grows too big in the forest, not living in harmony with the regular trees, taking up too much space and hurting the good trees. How everything in the forest will be wrecked if the weird/evil tree cannot be stopped. How the solution might be to take out the weird/evil tree, to flood the forest to destroy that tree (but that it can also cause some damage to the good trees), how it's important to keep illness away from the forest so that the good trees can stay strong. Maybe even focusing the sun using a giant magnifying glass on the weird/evil tree (aka radiation).

Any ideas???
H :)

Re: Good analogies for explaining cancer to children

Posted by Essjay on Feb 22, 2020 8:27 am

Hezz‍ love the idea of a cartoon that explains cancer to kids.

Not sure about making the forest have some evil cancer in it though - wouldn’t it put kids off going into the woods? Although if there was magic treatment in the forest, I don’t know, like a magic stream, or a magic plant that would be positive and not scary...

sounds like a fun project anyway.
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