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Let's Discuss...2020

Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by SpeedyStill on Jan 10, 2020 9:01 pm

This is a free country and we are all free to present our point of view. This is called debating an issue so a resolution can result in the best decision.
I don't know what your view is on this subject so I am not agreeing with you.
I think that you are a wonderful person, so please do not be offended by my comment.
I don't feel that this platform is designed to reslove political issues.
It would be best if Lacey made a comment on this.
SpeedyStill Always here to support people touched by Cancer.

Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by Laika57 on Jan 11, 2020 2:01 am

Elsie13‍ I've heard that a lot recently on Facebook. But then the expectations on manners have decreased in society.

A bit like newton's law. If you have strong opinions, you will encounter equally strong opposing views. That's not always a bad thing. Adversity makes you grow. Use their arguments to examine and strengthen your own.
Or just ignore them ;)

I admit, when I get bored I stir the pot a bit sometimes. Playing both sides of arguments, pointing out the flaws in both their logics... people like to argue so much over trivial things these days, and they're so stubborn about not seeing the other side.... 
Have you hugged your dog today?

Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by Elsie13 on Jan 11, 2020 8:42 pm

That's so true, Laika57‍ , "If you have strong opinions, you will encounter equally strong opposing views."  I think I should cut back on the time I'm spending on Facebook!
In 2016: diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. Treatment: hysterectomy, chemo, radiation. Afterwards: No Evidence of Disease!

Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by Rene on Jan 11, 2020 11:27 pm

Happy New Year 2020 Everyone, that also includes Lacey, and Lianne.

I have set goals for 2020, and don't always finish it right, as I am still in treatment & awaiting my 2nd phase with breast reconstruction to be set.

I try to keep busy and list things to do and get done with no pressure. Eat healthy meals/ beverages. Stay in the friendly circle of people & on here too. And another thing, I won't do what I did last year, not being prepared before surgery and come home to not having the stuff I needed, so I plan ahead better this time around (Lessons learned from last year).

I DO love reading to stories of other people(s) strengths on how they do it, day, week, weekend and month to stay strong no matter what. I am not sure if anyone had heard from someone who once said that Cancer was his or her teacher, meant that each of us learns something, brave the journey, and be able to give back to the community. I am trying that route, hopefully pick up tips from everyone on here. 

Keep it simple each day, everyone!


Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by LPPK on Jan 15, 2020 12:12 pm

My 18 for 2018 and 19 for 2019 really helped me to focus on how to move forward through cancer treatment,  into survivorship and enjoy life.  In 2020 my intentions for the year are to…
*enjoy and appreciate the health I have
*continue to be the advocate of my own health and follow my survivorship plan
*help my husband navigate through his medical problems, and  help my daughter with her son’s medical issues
*help my friends/family going through their cancer journey with information and support
*continue to try/create  new recipes,  especially soups and salads
*use my Le Pot more often
*with the aid of my FitBit I will continue to strive to walk 10,000 steps daily, but will not stress out on days that that number is not reached
*curl 2 -3 times a week during the cold months and golf at least once a week during the warm months
* go to yoga class at least once a week, and do some at home between classes
* visit out of town family more often
*go on a cruise in the Mediterranean to visit Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Monaco, France and Spain
*work on puzzles, cross stitch and painting as the mood hits
*work on the next phase of the family history research I started in 2019 by adding stories from family members still alive of grandparents and great grandparents before those stories are lost
*read at least twice this year at the Off the Shelf adult program at the library
Giving back:
*gather family teams, raise money and walk in the Relay for Life and ALS walks in the town nearby again this year
*volunteer to bring STEM to students through Popsicle stick bridge building in local area



Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by Livelife on Jan 17, 2020 8:47 pm

Essjay‍ Thank you. 

Re: Let's Discuss...2020

Posted by scaredysquirrel on Jan 23, 2020 8:52 pm

I'm a little late here for resolutions, but I like the word determination better.  I'm determined to exercise and build up my strength plus hopefully fight this stupid weight gain! My Oncologist insists it's not from the Letrozole, but who knows? Probably gained from the antidepressant and lack of exercise.  I'm getting better though.  I'm also determined to fight my depression without taking antidepressants.  I'm enjoying my art class.  I'm going to keep on finding things to do in retirement. I still miss working and my job but things are better.  At least I survived breast cancer and that is the most important thing.  Happy 2020 everyone!