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Heal the mind and the body will follow.

Heal the mind and the body will follow.

Posted by ZeroGravity60 on Jun 14, 2019 2:54 pm

Hi everyone,
[This morning I had all my upper teeth removed. I feel I aged 20 years. [lol]
Obviously there will be no profile pictures uploaded any time soon.
Though I'd focus on writing/sharing to keep my mind busy.]

In my opinion,
When we do wrong we generate heavy negative energies/emotions that end up literally sticking to us. Over time we build up these negative energies and they can interfere with day to day life. We can find ourselves in life's ditch not because of present day truth, but because of past soul stored hurtful memories and mistakes.

How many of us suffer from past events? For things we did, or for things done to us. As a survivor of childhood abuse I can say psychological pain can last a lifetime. I realize it would take but a second to fill the bus with those who can relate. Hurtful memories affect us to our core.

All negative experiences stored in the soul breed negative emotions that will have direct effect on our souls core vibration. We suffer from all the wrongs committed or experienced in our life. From our own bending of the law, to the people who hurt us, to the negative self talk and self perceptions we engage in, we suffer for the things we do and the hurtful memories we hold. Those memories that just won't die! This is energetic weight. To much energetic weight can make us sick.

This post is about taking the time to release energetic weight. [Great! Another waistline to have to worry about. I say that for the women, not me. lol] Releasing the anger, guilt and shame, the negative emotions inside us is a difficult but necessary task. By successfully releasing we return to the spiritually youthful state we once knew. The spiritually youthful state is the healed state, the freedom state. The spiritually youthful state is you fully healed at your core.

Engage in yoga, meditation, jogging or laughter. Anything to release negative energies and capture if only for a moment, a youthful vibration state. Once consciously identified within self, you'll have a vibration to revisit and work from. Use this vibration to face, acknowledge, accept and forgive the sins and injustices of your past.

Unburden your soul of hard negative emotions. Make peace and finally, truly let go. Just the attempt to release energies will increase consciousness allowing the suns rays to heal the unhealed wounds still festering in your soul. [And no, it's a spiritual sun. You don't need sunscreen.] Awaken your oppressed youthful state and learn to live again. This teaching is as much for me as it is for some of you. My gut tells me when we take time to heal the mind, the body will soon follow.


Re: Heal the mind and the body will follow.

Posted by LPPK on Jun 15, 2019 9:32 am

ZeroGravity60‍ In this busy life where we are looking after everyone else we often forget to look after ourselves.   I do find that yoga is very helpful to my state of mind and body.  Classes are a time for me to care for myself,  not concern myself about anything outside of me, and be thankful for who I am and who is in my life.  Practicing deep breathing also helps to bring me back to a calm state of mind.