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We want your feedback- Programs and services

We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Lacey_adminCCS on Jan 12, 2018 4:14 pm

Please share below what programs or services in your community you have found helpful throughout your cancer experience.

Please list the name of the program/service and the city it is in below.

We value your feedback smiley  Thanks in advance!

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Belanos on Jan 12, 2018 4:34 pm

Here in BC all cancer treatments are handled by the BC Cancer Agency, not the hospitals themselves. Those generally only deal with cancer treatments if a patient has been admitted due to complications from the illness, the BC Cancer Agency have their own separate clinics. So I'd have to say they have been invaluable to me. I think it's a good idea to specialize it that way, as it allows them to be able to focus on the disease itself, and offer a wider range of assistance to people including counselling.

While I've had a few issues with them, they have been minor and overall I've been receiving very good care as far as I'm concerned. Though I suspect that people living in the more outlying areas might think differently to that approach, as their clinics aren't as common or accessable as a hospital is. So sometimes those people need to travel quite a distance for their treatments and/or consultations.

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Jlo on Jan 13, 2018 3:36 pm

I had my treatments at the Surrey, B.C. cancer agency.  The nurses at the clinic were fabulous.  I utilized the relaxation program, the library and the counselling program.  All of them were top notch and everyone including the volunteers were very helpful.  

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Belanos on Jan 13, 2018 5:37 pm


I've had the same response here at the Victoria branch of the Agency, all the people I've dealt with there have been great. My main beef has been with my original oncologist. He went off on a research sabbatical very early in my treatment and hasn't been around for over 6 months. But I now have a new doctor who's been doing a great job of keeping an eye on me. I've also been having some minor issues lately with the people who handle the appointments, it's taken them awhile to acknowledge that I have a new oncologist. But I think I finally have that all straightened out now.

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by ashcon on Jan 14, 2018 11:25 am

Hi Lacey_adminCCS‍ ;

I'd have to say that all the services that I received at my cancer treatment centre, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (Kitchener) have been wonderful.  My team of doctors worked very well together (sharing information, setting up appointments). My "chemo" team (medical oncologist, pharmacist, oncology nurses, call centre staff) were extraordinary; they helped make the chemo experience very tolerable by keeping me informed and assured.
One down side was the pre-chemo check-ins done every two-weeks. It was on this day that I did my bloodwork and met with my MO.  The bloodwork takes 2 mins, and I was alloted 20mins for my visit with the MO, but I usually ended up being at the hospital for 3+ hours on these days.  If my MO was running late, it was not unusual for me to be at the hospital for 4 or even 5 hours!  Hard to justify this extensive length of time for 22mins of actual "treatment" time.
I took avantage of a few programs at the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre as well (Waterloo) which were wonderful:  Reiki treatments, Tai Chi classes, free wig and mastectomy camisole, and free library of books and CDs.

I can't say enough about the Look Good, Feel Better program (Kitchener). It was wonderful.  I'm glad to see they are looking at adding bra-fitting and prosthetic mastectomy options to the program.  These would be GREAT!

I also took advantage of the WellFit Program at University of Waterloo.  This 2x/weekly visit to the gym helped tremendously in my recovery, and in my overall health and healing.  It also helped me psychologically: improved mood, reduced stress.

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Joe-Eddy on Jan 14, 2018 11:27 am

Here in North Bay, Ontario I have been gobsmacked by the attention and service given. Everyone I have dealt with my GP Dr. Rabecha King, my Urologist Dr. Jonathan Pace in North Bay, and my Radiation Oncologist Dr. Janet Bowen and Treatment Nurse Sue have all been very helpful and accommodating. I have not met the rest of the team yet but I am sure they will continue to amaze. I will have to travel to the Northeast Cancer Center in Sudbury for my Radiation Therapy but they have a place to stay right on site called Daffodil Terrace and from what I have been told are wonderful. I will keep you updated as I go along this journey. So far the only ones giving me grief is my insurance provider(Sunlife) over the cost of the hormone therapy. Cheers.
Joe-Eddy Cancer Warrior

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Dielle on Jan 14, 2018 1:18 pm

I receive treatment at the Vancouver Cancer Centre.  The chemo class and tour of the chemo unit was super helpful.  I would highly recommend attending one of these if offered.  They also had a free 1 day nutritional seminar that I really liked. 

Patients can receive 2 free head covering made by volunteers and I happened to see a nice toque just when I was looking for one and a light cotton scarf in bright orange that I wore in hospital (orange is such a cheerful color).  The head coverings were on display when the info ctr was open and you could take what you needed (2 per patient were suggested), which I thought was nice.  I left a donation for each though - it ws worth it to not have to go out and look for what I needed 

I attended the Look Good Feel Good program, which I also highly recommend.  Getting a wholenew set of makeup was really helpful since it can be a good idea to stop using old makeup that can have.

I had my wig styled by a lady who does it free for cancer patients and was recommended by the place where I bought the wig.  It was comforting knowing that she has had a lot of experience with styling wigs and she told me that tehw ig made me look younger and "sassy" which helped boost my confidence.

I have also been to a lot of programs offered by Inspire Health, which offers free services to cancer patients and survivors and their support people in BC.  I attended a 2 day LIFE seminar, which went over things like the benefits of exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and a mini group therapy session.  I saw a kinesiologist for advice on exercise to recover from surgery and on dealing with joint pain.  I have attended nutritional classes and cooking demos as well as yoga and exercise classes.  In February I am seeing a doctor there for advice on my "survive and thrive" plan and ongoing side effects.

I also just joined a walking group for women with breast cancer that is led by a volunteer from UBC.

Making this list has been a really good exercise in gratitude.

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Mellybean on Jan 15, 2018 9:38 pm

I am in treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and I love their wig room, they do haircuts and helped me get started on wigs when I had NO idea, haha.  I also really like their volunteer program, they come visit me while I'm hospitalized and there is a craft cart and afternoon tea a few days a week.  There is also a very efficient system for helping with my insurance paperwork, and there are volunteer drivers in case I ever need help getting to/from treatment.

This is a little premature because I haven't been able to attend yet, but I'm really excited about Look Good, Feel Better.  I have a couple of cousins who are survivors and they both told me seperately how much they enjoyed the program so I can't wait to be well enough to go!  As far as I know, it's a national program.

Re: We want your feedback- Programs and services

Posted by Mikeem49 on Feb 17, 2018 10:34 pm

I have been there once on the 8th of Feb this year and looks to be a really relaxed atmosphere with many helpers available...I am just starting my path with cancer and am glad to have them as a new clinic to get treatment. I am in need of so much nformation, im hoping they can help.