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Throat and mouth pain after neck radiation
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It is now 9 wks since 30 radiation treatments and I am still unable to eat decently. I have dropped 30 lbs and my mouth is still sore and raw.,I have a very dry mouth at nite and recently have a sore throat,cough a lot and have green phlegm. Suggestions welcome
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@Sore I didnt know this but sometimes radiation can have some nasty side effects. My fiance's throat totally closed up from radiation side effects because the radiation burned his entire throat area. He had to have a stent put in. For the sore throat and phlem, he was prescribe ‘magic mouthwash’ from his oncologist. Try Ensure, Boost and that sort of thing…but please contact the health care team and tbe oncolog dietitian. They will have suggestions for you to boost your intake and calories….and may even suggest a temporary feeding tube until things heal up and you gain weight and strength back. Best of luck to you and let us know how you are doing.

Sorry you are struggling with eating and pain. I am going to tag @law1 and @JamesT who both had head and neck radiation and may have some ideas on dry mouth and eating tips.

I hope you can get some relief and are able to eat and put some weight back on.

Take care


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@Sore…..I know exactly what a drag it must be for you to put up with dry mouth, soreness, inability to eat, yucky phleghm….plus having gone through 30 radiation treatments. I, too had radiation which killed my basal tongue cancer----and left me with side effects exactly as you are currently suffering through. It is a heck of a lengthy recovery after radiation and I was unable to eat properly for a few months, my tongue didn't remember how to turn and help me swallow, my saliva was non-existent, and tongue blisters galore. I can empathize with your recovery pain and that is why @Lianne_Moderator tagged me….she is familiar with my story. I still lack saliva , taste, smell, have scar tissue….oh boy---what a new adjustment to my New Normal. Have you asked your Medical Team for ways to maintain a healthy regimen while you heal?

I can tell you it does get better. Really. I lost weight too…so you may search for a Nutritionist to assist your food choices and a Counsellor may also be available for you to figure out how to survive the (slowly improving) side effects. Cancer sucks--- and I do hope the radiation treatments took care of your cancer.

What to eat? How to tolerate the pain? Lidodan 2% solution is a blessing as it can numb your mouth and allows you to eat for about 20 minutes at a stretch. No Rx required, but you will have to ask a pharmacist for it by name. Larger pharmacies tend to keep it behind their counters. Eat??? Mushy foods….mashed potatoes, lots of butter or margarine, creamed soups, risotto, ice cream, smoothies, you get the idea? Remember, it will get better so be patient and search new recipes which are soft consistency and take-out soups if you can afford them.

Please hang in there!!! ….we are all glad to read your posts if you care to fill us in on your progress.

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Just take sometime and patience, I bear that for years too until they graduately gets better..... but don't expect they get back to 100% normal!!
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