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Getting re-connected with long term care team?
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Hello, and early thanks to any/all who read this.

I was diagnosed with ALL in 2003, started remission in 2005, and ended my primary treatment in 2007. My treatment was done in the US due to my parents being citizens, however I am now living in Canada (I’m a dual US/CAD citizen) and over the years have somewhat lost contact with any kind of long-term care or maintenance testing.

More recently I’ve had an increasing number of health concerns develop, and it has prompted me to be more active in looking after my health and I want to get set up again with routine screenings (bloodwork, etc) as a preventative measure.

Does anyone have experience with getting re-connected after a move or other disruption in your circle of care? Or any suggestions for who to reach out to (possibly in Ontario, but also in general) to establish long term follow up care?
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Hi MossyQuill,

Do you have a GP? If so, this is where I would start in going over your history to determine if specialist referrals are needed or your GP is able to do the follow ups you mentioned. Any transcripts from your care and treatment in the U.S.A. would be beneficial in sharing as well.

My thoughts, hope it helps


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