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Good bra for post-mastectomy
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Hello……hoping for suggestions. I had a unilateral mastectomy and am having a problem trying to make my chest appear ‘normal’. I was a D cup. With age and weight loss during chemo, my remaining breast sags. I've used a puffy insert on the surgery side, but whatever adjustments I make, my breasts appear imbalanced. I would be grateful for suggestions from those who've had the same concern. Thanks in advance !

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@HMJ it really is hard. I would suggest going to a place that specializes in mastectomy fittings. They will help you get the right bra and the right prosthetic to help get the fit and symmetry you are looking for.

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@HMJ You may have success in finding a mastectomy bra at La Vie En Rose. They have a beautiful line of mastectomy bras called ‘Muse’ and the wire free ones are super comfy and come with their own soft and weighted inserts (on both sides). You just pull the one out that you don't need. They are very reasonably priced, too. They will measure and fit you and then order the size and style you like. Hope this helps!

I suggest La Vie En Rose. You can shop online and they often have two for one sales. Their bras are comfortable and have their own prosthesis.
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@HMJ Hi, I have the same issue you do. I was lucky enough to find a person locally who specializes in the prosthetics and the bras to fit. I’m in Quebec and the government pays almost the entirety of the prosthetic every 2 years. The brand I purchased was amoena. I also purchased la vie en rose’s bras. While they are quite lovely, they lack the needed weight to properly balance your back. The days that I go without wearing the prosthetic, I end up with shoulder pain on the side where I have a breast. So the weight is really important. You’ll be amazed at how heavy the prosthetic can actually be.

good luck!

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