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Not a post-lumpectomy plastic surgery candidate
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Hi all. My second lumpectomy did not heal in a smooth, attractive way and I was recently told by a plastic surgeon that he cannot help me because of the way it healed.

Has anyone heard of other options or had a skilled surgeon who helped with an atypical scar? I'm in the Lower Mainland of BC.

The fellow I saw is the head of various departments, so he's evidently experienced and knowledgable, but I have been told by multiple doctors for months (not plastic surgeons, though) that plastic surgery would help me, so I shouldn't feel discouraged when I experienced complication after complication. Well, being told by the plastic surgeon that nothing can be done for me was discouraging.

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@BCGinnamon My Plastic Surgeon works out Surrey, BC. on 96th Avenue. From their website, there is 6 Plastic Surgeons listed.

I had my reconstruction done after a mastectomy and I didn't need radiation. Hopefully you can find someone that can help you. Good luck.

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