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Stay Strong - A Low Impact Fitness program -- dedicated to people on the cancer journey
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All, an update on this great program !

The last class for this current 12 week program is next week. The next program starts in January. This is run at the Century House in New Westminster BC. No virtual classes. The program is 12 weeks, 2 fitness classes per week. I drive in from Delta, there are people driving in from Coquitlam, and if you are in the lower mainland, I believe this is really worth checking out.

Everyone in the class has had “the diagnosis” and are at varying places in their journey. Some are still getting treatments, some are waiting for treatments, and some have finished treatment. We don't know the specifics of each other, but we know we are in it together. The fitness levels vary greatly, and it just doesn't matter, there is no judgement, just a lot of understanding and compassion. The cost is very low, the instructor very dedicated, and the participants wonderful. If you are interested, I think it is January 10th that the next program starts.

I am promoting this so strongly because I really believe programs like this are necessary, and they need to continue to be offered !!

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