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Bucket List Stuff
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Do you have a Bucket List? Sometimes I have found the discussion to be anxiety-provoking…feeling pressure that I needed to do some BIG things NOW that I was given a second chance. Really, I found more comfort in having a F***-it list…where I'd take things out of my life - like focus on housework, other people's drama, etc.

My bucket list has changed over the years (even prior to cancer). Many of you will appreciate the new urgency that cancer brings to seeing some of your bucket list through, even though you may be in recurrence.

One of my dreams for many years was that I would explore this country with my hubby in a small RV, from coast to coast and into the southern US. Sipping wine in the Okanagan, dining in Old Quebec, live blues music in New Orleans…you know…adult stuff.

Full speed ahead, we find ourselves raising 2 little ones, economic adjustments and the possibility of a shortened life span. Dreams have to adjust to the new reality.

My Bucket List item now is that I will show both my young boys how wonderful Canada is and give them the opportunity to see our mountains and oceans together.

Here we go! My hubby just brought her home and ready to transform into a camper for 4.

Yesterday was Halloween. I texted my brother ‘Happy Halloween! This is my Winnebego View disguised as a Skoolie Bus Camper conversion!’

Two years since my cancer surgery. Looking forward!


Thanks for letting me share!


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@Sadie12 Your bus conversion is a great way to carry out new adventures with the family. I wonder if anyone on this site doesn't take pause to consider their personal bucket list at one point or another?!? Good for you & your husband in making things happen and creating new memories along the way.

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Sadie12‍ Bucket list with an F - I can definitely relate to that! And most of my actual bucket list seems to involve finding more caves and bats, which is an ongoing project. I pretty much did all the other stuff I wanted to do in life, because my husband and I did contract work, so we travelled around a lot and took our retirement in fairly large chunks as we went along. I’d still like to live on Mars, but I’m 74 with stage 4 cancer, so probably not going to happen, unless Elon Musk really cranks it up.
Cynthia Mac
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Kuching‍ methinks Mr. Musk has his hands full with Twitter right now… 😉

Great post! I heard the same after my cancer treatment was done. Truth was I had already jumped out of a plane, rafted class V and VI rapids etc. It felt like a lot of pressure. My bucket list mostly consists of places I want to travel to now.

I love this renovated school bus idea! I have known to get lost in the odd video of other people's transformations of old busses. Lots of inspiration out there.

Look forward to seeing your progress


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@Lianne_Moderator…we have been watching those, as well. Ours will stay very basic…I like to think of it as 1 step above sleeping in tents. Some mattresses, a table, bike rack, a sink, some storage, an emergency potty behind a curtain if it's too dark to get to the provincial park facilities. Kids can track in dirt and frogs…not a worry.

Anything above that will be a bonus, I think. We will see as we go….


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this is my dream too! the Camper vans are so expensive! I couldn’t believe the prices when I looked! Your idea seems genius! I found out about a company in Quebec that builds minivan conversion kits for about 4K. You might want to check them out for inspiration for your DIY!

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