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Still Here!
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Hello, Friends! It feels like forever since I've been here to chat, though I do read the emails so not totally out of touch.

Things have been going pretty well here with me & my Carl. He just had his 2nd eye surgery for cataracts yesterday morning & after wearing glasses since he was about 10, he doesn't anymore..weird, but wonderful!

The Alzheimer's is progressing very slowly, for which I'm extremely thankful. His short term memory is just about kaput, but his long term is still excellent. His organisation skills are not the best anymore but you know, we laugh every single day, sometimes quite hysterically….it's what keeps us both sane-r, 😆

I've been busy counting calories the past few weeks, & so far, am down 12 lbs…many MANY more to lose, but it's a good start & I know it can only benefit me….& also Carl.

We are still decluttering, after finally emptying our storage unit & that will keep us busy through the fall, I'm sure.

Covid seems to have turned me into a recluse as I no longer enjoy leaving the apartment & being around others…not a good thing, so I must fight against it & make myself be more of a social butterfly like my Carl 🦋

And….to end up on a wonderful note…I was given the final good-bye by my cancer specialist & told that after 5 ½ years, she now considers me to be cancer-free! Wonderful to hear, yet at the same time I couldn't feel 100% secure, as I'm sure many of you completely understand.

Will do better at being here with my friends….Hugs!

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Cynthia Mac
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Jacar87‍ Thanks for sharing your

I am sorry to hear about your husband’s Alzheimer’s. That’s so difficult. It’s good, though, that you’ve got such good news and can relax as you continue your caregiving to him with less worry about your own situation.

Bet you won’t miss having to make those monthly payments to the storage company! I know I don’t!

@Jacar87 - Wonderful to catch up! That's the beauty of our community you can drop in and out as you wish.

You have been busy making lots of positive changes. Congrats! Thanks for the reminder to laugh everyday. SO so important.

With time I hope you start feeling more secure. You know your body best, and I know you will follow up if anything is off. Congrats on being cancer-free!


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