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post-chemo recovery video
David B
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A vlog I've watched features a couple in rural ON. Bec got breast cancer and is now finished chemo. While she was fit prior, she couldn't even walk to the mailbox during. They've shared her journey on the vlog. Recently, she did a 30 day challenge to regain fitness. Of course, she's young and recovering. Most wouldn't ramp up this quickly.

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@David B Great video ! Thanks for sharing. I see myself in there at the beginning stages, with the weakness and hair loss. It's great to see the transformation.

@David B Thanks for posting the video. It's emotional and inspiring.

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that Video is amazing! 🥺Inspiring.

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@David B
thank you so much for sharing this video. what an awesome couple….what an awesome story. brought tears to my eyes…..happy tears…. 😍

I actually followed up by viewing some of their other vid's….really interesting life these two have had.

enjoy the last day of the long weekend.

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