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Waiting for the diagnosis after chemo
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my sister recently went through chemo for stage four lung cancer. She asked me what do I do now. Live my life like normal or wait the six weeks for the report if it worked. She said I am a size two now did this work I am scared. I wish I had the answer. I suggested she need to get stronger and eat a little more. How do you answer that. I just look and pray that she will be able to live again. Please help me with the answer because I am also scared
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Dealing with life after cancer treatment can leave us with a lot of unknowns, and difficulty facing our “new normal”. I want to share soem resources with you that helped me after my treatments: https://cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/resources/publications/coping-when-you-have-cancer


It is common to feel all alone with our thoughts and fears during and after treatment. Understanding that these thoughts are common amongst cancer patients helped me to take some stress off my shoulders. Although the chemo treatment has just been completed, and needs to be assessed, reading through the pamphlet will give you and your sister some answers to questions, and some coping strategies to help you move forward.

Time is something that will also help reduce the stress and anxiety we experience after treatments.

Hope this helps


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@Pinewood1 have you checked out the lung cancer forum?

Lots of great discussion on there about living with lung cancer.

im also going to tag @WestCoastSailor who lives with lung cancer and goes through regular checkups to monitor its stability. He’s doing amazing things with his life like running, advocating for lung cancer care, supporting others, travelling across Canada, painting and poetry and so much more.

How are you doing today as you cope with your sister’s diagnosis and treatment?


I like to call it “living while dying.” I'm a stage 4 lung cancer patient too. I know I have a life limiting disease that eventually will steal my breathe away. Until then I have to live with it.

If I can recommend the podcast #waitingroomrevolution it has helped many of us come to terms with our lives. Defining palliative care as managing serious illness they outline some great keys and interview some great folks for our situation.(https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewtopic/68/69232)Disclaimer if you want more of my soothing voice (I'm still laughing at hearing it described that way.) - Episode 40 was my interview of the two researchers involved in making the podcast. Well technically their interview of me - but really it was a great dialogue.

Eating, sleeping, and exercising all play an important role in living with lung cancer. I pay attention to all those.

One aspect that the healthcare system doesn't pay a lot of attention to is the mental wellbeing of patients. Finding others in a similar situation and talking with them can be a really great help. There are virtual #LungCancer support groups in every province now. Connecting with them can help more than you can imagine. Sure there are some downers but seeing that it is to be expected can help you be aware of it when it happens to you.

@Essjay Thanks for the tag.

Good luck and stay in touch.


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