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Pregnancy after cancer
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Hi !
​​​​​​Does anyone have any experience they are willing to share or wisdom/good vibes for pregnancy after having cancer?
I am cancer-free since January 2022 (still fresh) and have had one check up with my doctor since for blood tests and MRI scans. So far, blood test is good and I am still waiting for the MRI results. My doctor said he made me do them just to be extra extra safe.
I am "lucky" that I did not require chemo or anything like that. I had an appendectomy and a right hemicolectomy, which was the worst f****** thing ever.
My gyno mentioned sometimes the ovary on the right side can have some scar tissue. She also suggested I wait until my first blood test which was normal :)
I'm just looking to get some info from people about the concept of starting a family after such a scare, how to deal with the fear of it coming back, especially if I have little ones. I'm super scared but I don't want to stop living.
As a side note, my husband is amazing. Full support at every step, no pressure whatsoever for pregnancy.
I'm 32.
Thank you
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@Net31 Hello/Bonjour…..Please do NOT stop living…..Embrace Tomorrow…..With a supportive husband…and a Dr's A-OK…..start the “baby steps forward”…..to having a family……

Please know , many folks are concerned for recurrence ( I sure am !!)….so when your Dr says you will be watched closely; this is GOOD news…..Watch-Away! Put them on Speed Dial…..You are arms length from support/test/appt…..(This is better than good bye…good luck….see ya?)

You shared, they got the entire tumour out! This is fantastic news AND no chemo/further treatment……HOLD on to this…..while you move forward….



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Hello and welcome.

First and foremost, congrats on cancer free! I can't speak to pregnancy after cancer as I was in my 40's at diagnosis( breast cancer ) and that was not a concern for me. And I certainly can't speak to cancer at your age. I can though, speak to how to move on after a cancer diagnosis and the fear of recurrance. Step one - it takes time. I am 11 years out now from hearing “cancer free”. The fear of recurrence, especially when I have a lump, bump or pain that has to be checked out ( as it should be ), has not completely gone away. But it occupies so little of my time and thoughts now. It has taken time, patience and determination to not let it live rent free in my head. Focusing on getting the most out of life and doing things I enjoy is my best revenge on cancer. All of this is easier said than done, and this is all still very fresh for you. But maybe let the gymo guide you in the steps ( love @Whitelilies “baby steps” ) to how and when to move forward.

Happy to hear you have an awesome supportive husband too. And you now have all of us.


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Thank you for your kind words.

Indeed baby steps! It still occupies my mind, less now than before and I try to remind myself I'm not even a year out of this ordeal.

One step at a time.

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good vibes my friend

always happy to send good vibes to friends in this community.

how about a virtual hug too!

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@Net31 congrats on cancer free… as far as planning a baby, and this is gramma talking, how are you health wise? a 6 month vitamin ad exercise regime might be a good place to start preparing.. ie folic acid.. and your gut / abdomen/back muscles need to be strong and vital.

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Health wise, I am good! I am in good shape and my scar has healed really nicely, although I still find it very noticeable. I went to see a physiotherapist to help with the healing and the muscle pain, honestly didn't know physio could help for that but it helped so much physically and emotionally.

I've been taking vitamins and folic acid for a while now.

I know pregnancy takes a toll on the body and I am worried about my scar (vertical along the belly button) but I am worried about the emotional toll. Don't know if that makes sense…

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