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Last Zoledronic Treatment

Hooray, my last Zoledronic Acid Infusion was today. I felt almost surreal when I realized I won't be going back to the Medical Day Care at RCH for anymore treatments to do with my cancer, it's become such a familiar place these past 5 years. They are such wonderful, caring Nurses, I gave them a box of chocolates and a thank you card.

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yeah @scaredysquirrel

congratulations from over here---must be a great day for you!
don't forget to ‘ring the bell’

cheers & hugs

#RINGthevirtualbell #ZoledronicAcid #treatmentdone #chocolatethanks

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Congratulations! I can certainly relate to your elation having the last treatment. All the best as you move forward in your new cancer-free life.
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Congratulation, wishing you all the best

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Congratulations!! I have 3 more and then all finished. Be glad to leave this in my past.

Congratulations @scaredysquirrel ! Time to celebrate!


Thanks. Yes, it's been quite a long journey, but glad I got through it all. You will soon be done and ringing that bell!

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Congratulations!!! Be nice to put this nightmare in the past where it belongs. I actually think this journey has actually made me stronger in many ways. I have a zoldrenic acid treatment the first week of September, then only 2 left. Wishing you a future of adventures and good health.

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