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Diep Surgery
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Hi all!! I don't know if there are any recent forums on here regarding reconstruction surgery, but I'm currently looking into my options for Diep Flap Surgeons in Ontario. Anyone have any suggested surgeons/hospitals in Ontario? I know with all the COVID backlogs, that the Toronto area has a long wait time. Any good suggestions for outside of the GTA?

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@MariaTS222 Hello Maria and welcome to our caring community….I am sorry for your reason to join us here; but sure glad you did…..and already posted a message! This is wonderful…….

Here is the link for the Breast Cancer Forum……check it out…..it may have info/shared experiences, for reconstruction surgery……or you can even start your own “topic”…and soon other members will chime in with their experiences/journey, etc.

Welcome Maria



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I have heard of a surgeon at Cambridge Hospital who is doing reconstruction with nerve preservation. As someone with nerve damage from surgery that would be my top consideration. If you called the hospital perhaps they could give you a name.

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@MariaTS222 try Sunnybrook, they have excellent breast surgeons & oncoplastic plastic surgeons.

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