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Shingles vaccine

I'm not sure what forum to post this under but thought this was the most appropriate. I am finished all of my cancer treatments (except for taking Letrozole) and soon will be going for my 4th covid vaccine. I'm immunocompromised the invite from Fraser Health said. I have been seeing ad's on television about the Shingles vaccine. I did a little google research and read that if you are immunocompromised, you are more susceptible to get shingles. I have a phone call appointment with my family Doctor next week and will ask her advice also.

So my question to the members on here is: Have you considered the Shingles vaccine since your diagnosis or post treatment? I know that age plays a part and I believe that you have to pay for it also.


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Runner Girl
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I asked my new GP a bit ago if I should be getting the shingles shot, he told me yes, but not when I'm on Anastrozole. So I won't be getting it for a while.

@Runner Girl I probably have to wait then also as I am on Letrozole. Thanks for responding.

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Buffythevampire‍ I had received my first shingles vaccine shortly before my diagnosis. (To travel haha. God has a weird sense of humour doesn’t she!!). I was advised to proceed with the second shot in spite of being in the midst of my chemo. I also asked my family GP, surgeon and oncologist about a third vaccine for Covid while on chemo and got 3 different answers. 🤷‍♀️

Hi @Buffythevampire

I actually got shingles a year after finishing treatment and would not wish it on anyone. I was still in my 40's and likely wouldn't have been eligible before anyway.

I looked into the shingles vaccine about a year later ( I was on Tamoxifen then ). The GP was more unsure about getting the vaccine this close to having had shingles than the meds i was on but that doesn't really mean anything.

I am going to get it finally in the next month . Check your employee drug plan and/or extended health as it may be partially or fully covered.

Best to check with your GP or onc on timing around covid vaccine ( or even the pharmacist if you have a good relationship with them )

Let us know what you decide or find out


Cynthia Mac
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Buffythevampire‍ , My doctor doesn’t vaccinate for the sake of vaccinating, but he wanted me to get my shingles vaccine before I reached the age where the province would pay for it. I don’t have any other health issues, so I can’t advise you there, I just know that if he said “do it now,” it’s probably a good thing to do.

The pharmacist told me not to have both shingles and covid vaccines close together, but I can’t get my fourth covid shot until the end of this month, so the timing works out well.

And, my expensive drug plan with cheapo payouts even covered it.
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good question.
as always, many different approaches.

I have had the shingles shot(s). I had initiated them at the advice of my pharmacist pre covid due to my immune compromised status.

the second dose would have fallen too soon from my 1 or 2, (hard to keep track of all the injections - ha ha ha), COVID vax; so I had to delay it. again, at the expert advice of the pharmacist who delivered. I was on Anastrozole when I received the 2nd dose.

I am in the camp of ‘give me anything and everything’ that might help keep me healthy.
whatever you decide is right for you.

cheers & be well

#shingles #shingrex

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Shingles vaccine @Buffythevampire

I got the vaccine 1 year after I finished chemotherapy and radiation, and I know how bad it can get. For I looked after m brother during his while going through treatment

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I am a leukemia survivor, living in Fraser Health. Chemo wiped out all over my vaccinations, including the childhood shots. I have been getting them all redone now. In addition to your doctor's advice, you might call the Fraser Health public health unit. The nurses are very knowledgeable and can provide great guidance.

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Yes and my own FP/ GP said not advisable being treated for cancer and low wbc counts . Can u get a hemoglobin levels of cells ordered , to see how you are if able to handle another virus ?

I had a phone call appointment with my Family Doctor and asked her about the Shingles vaccine. She said it was ok for me to have it. Next month when I have an in-person appointment with her I will get the vaccine. I am hoping my benefits through work will cover all or most of the cost.

I am 50 and received part 1 of the shingles vaccine prior to diagnosis and part 2 prior to treatment.


I got my shingles (Shingrex) vaccine on Monday. She warned me that people find it to be the most painful of the vaccines. She urged me to cancel my weight lifting that evening, which I did. Yesterday I was very sore in the arm, had muscle aches, a headache and a little shivery. Today just a little muscle ache in the arm where the injection was. Of course everyone is different. I hadn't planned to do it Monday, but was at the Dr office and it was offered. The info that I was sent home with said the 2nd shot can be worse than the first for some. Just a heads up for planning around it.

Take care


@Lianne_Moderator I was planning on taking one day off from work afterward but now might have it when I can have 2 days off after it. Thanks for the info.
I just had my #4 covid vaccine on Sunday and had one day off afterward and was glad I did. My last 3 vaccine's were Pfizer and was told my 4th should be Moderna. I had more side effects from Moderna then I had with Pfizer. So tired and upset stomach plus I have a red mark with a bump on my arm that doubled in size after a day.

I found the 2nd shot left my arm sore for 5 days.

Thanks for the heads up @GeorginaJennie

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