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Alcohol and Cancer
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I never know what category to post things like this so here's hoping nobody minds. The quiz on alcohol and cancer came via a Medscape subscription and I thought it worthwhile to share with this group. It is very informative. (Not sure how many people are aware that alcohol is a very potent carcinogen with IARC listing it as a category 1 carcinogen.)

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taking the quiz really opened my eyes to the impact even a very moderate amount of alcohol has on cancer! thank you for sharing this information.

full disclosure: I socially enjoy alcohol and have noted here many times that I considered alcohol to be a positive part of the many strategies I employed for my overall mental wellness during my cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2020.

like everything else; when we know better, we can do better.

the alcohol horse is out of the barn for me….I hope that education for younger folks who have not yet established their alcohol consumption habits can be robust and far reaching.

thanks again

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@DSJ I've always been told not to mix drugs with alcohol. Was surprised that during my “chemo teach” they said it was ok to drink in moderation while on chemo. I didn't as I rarely drink.

Took the quiz and I failed. I think I only got 2 correct.

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@DSJ thanks for sharing!

I think I’ll be ok on my 3 units a week…

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