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Support cushions for long hours of sitting on sofa
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After many chemo and radiation treatments for my Stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I have lost a lot of weight and cushioning in my derriere area. Sitting long hours on my sofa cushion watching TV and reading, I am often in excruciating pain from the prolonged periods of sitting. I imagine that I am not alone with this nagging problem. What do do? I see online that there are literally hundreds of rather expensive specialty cushions promising instant relief with most of them of the donut-shaped variety. Rather than the expensive option of ordering and trying them out, I am hoping that someone can heartily recommend a specific model or two that worked successfully for them. Or perhaps there are other options that have worked for you. Thanks for your help in advance.

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After my surgery I used an Airhawk inflatable cushion…not that expensive and widely available, even at Canadian Tire.

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Hi @tenplay

I’m sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Another member had a sarcoma removed from her bottom. Left her with basically just bone to sit on. Very painful. It was suggested to her to look at ROHO cushions. They are used in wheelchairs for padding. They look like they would make sitting a much more comfortable.

I hope this helps.

best wishes


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You can buy lambs/sheeps wool pads that are meant to help with preventing bed sores. They provide cushioning and allow air to circulate to help prevent developing or worsening of bed sores. We have one for my dad lying in bed, however you can also buy specific seat pads. You can buy these at Shoppers Wellwise and online as well I believe.

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Hi, I’ve tried most seat cushions and Terry52‘s ROHO suggestion has worked the best for me since 2019 but it is expensive.
Best Regards

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Hi, if you have medical insurance might it cover the cost of a proper cushion for you to use if your Dr. ordered it?

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I’ve been using donut cushions - I can’t recall exactly, but I think they were both covered (re costs). The ROHO sounds more interesting - I will have to check that out! I am always on the hunt for a comfy cushion. Hard to sit for long without one. Lots of pain. I totally get it. I think it has to do with pressure-induced swelling and inflammation, poor blood circulation to the area treated and scar tissue and fibroids? Hope the pain eases for you all. Sending healing energy your way.

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Hi Otterjam

I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so much pain from sitting. One of the other members from this forum had a sarcoma removed from her bottom. They removed muscle and tissue leaving her with bone to sit on. Painful. It was suggested she look into ROHO cushions. I noticed that @H1A2N3 , also posted that they have used this cushion for several years. Thanks @ H1A2N3

Possibly your medical insurance might cover the cost if your Dr. orders it. Hope this helps!


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