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Eyelashes and Eyebrows
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It’s been 2 years since my last chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer and my eyelashes and eyebrows have never really come back as full as they were before I lost them. I am contemplating micro blading, but I also scared myself by looking at micro blading nightmares online. Still, I’m tired of drawing in eyebrows after 2 years, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I used Castor Oil the first couple of months after all my treatments to help with growth. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I may also ask my dietician about possible supplements I could take as well. I am not sure if the Tamoxifen I’m on is causing me not to have my eyebrows and lashes grow in fully as well; I suppose it’s possible. Funny how I have tons of leg hair and lip hair though! Lol. Ugh! 😩 TIA

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@AniD I am going through the same thing. My one eyebrow is only a ½ of an eyebrow (cancer side) but the other one is fine. I am still taking Letrozole and want to finish it before I do anything drastic as I do experience hair thinning on my head from it. While on chemo, I bought Embryolisse lash and brow booster. I used it for a while during my chemo but I experienced very watery eyes and don't think I gave it a good try. Might bring it out and start using it again. Like you, I am hesitant to do the microblading and tired of doing the makeup. The one thing is I wear glasses so my eyebrows are kinda hidden. Hopefully others will post and there will be some more suggestions.



I can't speak to microblading as I haven't tried it ( also because of the nightmare pics ) When I finished treatment ( almost 11 years ago ) I used Rapidlash on my lashes and brows and it worked really well. It was definitely better when I was using it consistently but they came back better than pre-chemo. I am sure there are other similar products now too. I used to get it from Costco as it was cheaper than online.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.



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Hi, I’m also in the same boat. I cannot draw on eyebrows that look real. I have shaved off what was there and use these tattoos www.mytwobrows.com They look real and for me they last 5 days. They can be a bit shiny at first so I put them on the day before I need them. They are better than what I ever had and even up close it is hard to tell.

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@AniD I also finished treatments two years ago. My eyebrows and lashes thinned a lot during treatments but them completely fell out a few months post treatment. My lashes did come back, are shorter and thinner that before treatment and my eyebrows never came back at all. I bit the bullet and did micro blading bad actually love my new brows. They look better than before treatments. I think the trick is finding a very good technician. I have also recently started taking biotin in the hopes it will thicken up my lashes. Fingers crossed 🤞

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I bought a kit online from Fab Brows. It has various stencil s and colors and washes off with soap and water if you mess up Fun to use
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