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Do you experience Cancer-related Fatigue?
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Hi everyone,

My name is Nicole Rutkowski. I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa. We are recruiting for a new program we developed for cancer-related fatigue. Our 2nd group starts Tuesday, May 24th-June 14th from 10-11:30AM. See below for more information, if you are interested in participating!

Have you been feeling tired after completing your cancer treatment? Cancer-related fatigue (CrF) is a common and debilitating symptom that individuals with cancer experience during and post-treatment. The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and University of Ottawa will be conducting a 4-week virtual research group in 2022 that incorporates cognitive behaviour therapy and physical activity to give you the tools to better manage and reduce your fatigue.

What will I learn in the group?

  • You will learn all the latest information on CrF and what may be contributing to your fatigue.
  • How to use relaxation techniques and self-compassion to reduce emotional and physical stress that can contribute to feeling tired.
  • The importance of physical activity and how to set achievable goals for yourself.
  • How to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking patterns.
  • How to improve sleep, your mood, and reach out for social support.

Is this program for me?

  • Are you an adult (18+)?
  • Have you received a cancer diagnosis and completed your treatment?
  • Do you experience cancer-related fatigue?
  • Live in Ontario or Gatineau, QC

If you answered yes to all four than this program may be for you!

For more information, contact us at CRFstudy@uottawa.ca or follow-us on Twitter @CRFstudy


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Sounds interesting but I'm from the prairies. Great success on your research.

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hello, I am a caregiver for my dad and we live in BC. Can we join the program?

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The contact information is in the original post. For more information, contact us at CRFstudy@uottawa.ca or follow-us on Twitter @CRFstudy

However, the post states you must be completed your treatments. How many more treatments does your dad have?

Contact them to get more information.


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Thank you for your interest!

Unfortunately, the program is currently only available for residents of Ontario and some residents of Quebec. But it is our goal our this study is done to expand to other provinces so more people can benefit.

If you email us CRFstudy@uottawa.ca I can send you our resource list for cancer-related fatigue.



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I can answer that question. It's because of anemia caused by radiation and hormone therapy in addition to the stress and depression.

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Low energy level. I am 72, have stage 3 lung cancer, have completed chemo and radiation, live in Ontario. I have just started immunotherapy. I would be interested in your resource list for cancer related fatigue. Thank you.

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Hi: I still have cancer related fatigue 4 years post treatment and recently took a class from Wellspring in Ontario on line. I found it on their Well on the web site. It was a four week class that runs every month. As a caregiver you could join Wellspring and take it if your dad was not up to it. I found the information quite helpful, especially on diet and exercise.

My fatigue has lessened over time, but I do try to rest in between tasks. Best Wishes
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I have the “cancer related Fatigue” but live in BC mine is from the meds causing low levels of wbc part of the treatment protocol, told to stay on this I comply bc I became NED . Any chance for more on this thanku ?!

@CRFstudy have passed this along to my hubby!

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