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Tissue rearrangement after mastectomy (no reconstruction)
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I've been trying to find information online, but no luck, so thought I would try here. I had a unilateral mastectomy in April 2021. Immediately had a very large hematoma form on the site - so large it looked like I still had a breast. It was over 4 weeks before the surgeon would drain it and it contained over 1 cup of blood. I ended up with cording, which did resolve after several months. About a week after the hematoma was drained the second time, the skin near my should swelled up - I thought it was a seroma, but the surgeon saw me 8 weeks post op and called it ‘’tissue rearragement''. I saw a physio who specializes in lymphatic drainage to help me with the cording and she determined that the swelling near my shoulder is not lymphedema. So, I've just been ‘’re-arranged''. The practical challenge of this is that I just can't find any comfortable bras. I have so much more tissue above where my breast used to be on the left versus the right side that the straps dig into the extra tissue. The very expensive prosthesis comes to a point at the top right where the extra tissue begins, causing added discomfort. Is there anyone else out there who has dealt with this and did you find any solutions? I realize I am very fortunate not to be dealing with anything worse, but would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks

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good morning.

thanks for your post - this is a real stumper!
I did a quick search thru these forums and cannot find one mention of "tissue rearrangement' post unilateral mastectomy.

the great thing about this community is that there are so many folks with their own individual experiences willing to share their stories. I hope someone can relate.

another possible source of information/assistance could be the cancer information specialists thru Canadian Cancer Society. 1-888-939-3333

sounds like the simple act of getting dressed is uncomfortable, I can only imagine how you feel after wearing an ill-fitting garment for many hours; this is a great conversation to be had with folks in the same boat. I really hope that someone can chime in……

let us know how things move along for you


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Thanks very much, Supersu, I appreciate it. In the grand scheme of things, it's just discomfort, so I'm trying to put it into perspective, but if folks have suggestions, that would be great. Yes, I did lots of googling on tissue displacement and found nothing, so it doesn't really seem like a medical term does it? If I can offer one cautionary tale for folks it would be that if you do get a hematoma - be a very squeaky wheel about getting it drained. I wish I had just gone down to the clinic and occupied the waiting room until the surgeon saw me rather than making me wait so long. I really do believe if the hematoma had been drained sooner, I wouldn't have had all of these longer term issues. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions, I'm glad this forum is here 🙏

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@Ripley did you have your surgery done by a plastic surgeon? If not, I would request a referral to a plastic surgeon to see if they may be able to help you. If you did have your surgery by a plastic surgeon, then I might request a referral to someone else. I would think your family doctor could do this. Although you are grateful it is discomfort and not something worse, it may be something that is fixable and something you don't just have to live with. I hope you can find a solution that will work for you.

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Thank you, Jan. It was not a plastic surgeon, but I may consider discussing a referral to a plastic surgeon when I can next see my family doctor. I've been putting it out of mind because two surgeries last year was a lot already (I had lumpectomy first, then results indicated I had to have mastectomy, so a mental and physical blow) and I'm not mentally ready to consider something else that could bring other risks with it and covid and the impact on the medical system and not wanting to add to the burden. But it is something I think I'll need to investigate. So I appreciate the nudge 😉🙏

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My mother found it slightly more comfortable to wear a sports bra underneath her actual bra, so the straps weren't digging directly into her skin. Perhaps a temporary fix while you consider more invasive options. Good luck to you.

I wonder if the docs would authorize using a tensor bandage instead of bras?


I understand not wanting to jump into more surgery. I do hope you find a solution that works for you

I wanted to make sure you saw the replies from @Mah9301 and @lifesbutadream

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Thank you Lianne 😊

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Dear @Mah9301 Just from reading points in ur post . I am sorry for this , not apologizing for that doctor but it sounds like u suffered, although keeping optimistic in a botched up mess ! Sometimes we place too much value on our specialists to get away with more !
Where was the nurse or someone who saw this , and next time your not sure waiting to see the doctor over your symptoms . Call someone to get a ride to Triage /Emerge . Dont’t Hesitate they can at least give their opinion, medically ,while improving your comfort !
Thank goodness I am glad your ok but this should of been tended to in person ! So next time call the nurse , line . This is your body or the 24 hr nurses line Oncology ! U could of developed a terrible bacterial infection , with ulcer ? Are u a doctor or nurse ? Like u said perhaps needing to be drained and on antibiotic meds watched ! I hope your ok now or still shook up ?
And the news was here from the hospital I’d some medically STILL try to get away with lax excuses hiding behind COVID ! I wonder if it has something to do with some doctors in the pandemic did things quickly and only through their secretary avoiding seeing their patients/ clients more then once in 2020 - 21 during COVID restriction directives & continueing that way ! I was even blamed for an appointment , I happened during pre surgery & already booked year ahead ! They did not keep saying I did not have one .
Do not forgo being seen or not followed up in person with the Physicien . Bcuz u now can do either 1 ) phone (2) in person or ( 3) via Zoom any doctor .
Get a second option and focus on getting fixed up . Hopefully they will advise how in better results . Refer u here to @Ashcon @Ashcon a CC. member that started up a group re : double Masechtomy with reliable feedback .

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