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It's been a long time since I've posted here. Firstly, I wanted to say God Bless to the Cancer Connection website and all the people who moderate. To all who have been touched by cancer I wish you a Merry Christmas. We pray for healing and understanding no matter where you might be in this journey. God has given my wife and I a second chance at life after a tough battle. This site has been wonderful. We both fought cancer at the same time while caring for her father who now resides in a memory care facility. For you who are fighting this disease I would like to extend a hand. If ever you want to chat feel free to reach out. I'm always grateful and available to anyone who wishes to talk. God bless.

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good morning!
thank you so much for your post. I agree - the folks here are wonderful. this is such a warm & welcoming community - nice to ‘meet’ you.

I hope your holiday was a happy & healthy time.
over here in Alberta we are experiencing a surge in COVID numbers; so plans that had been in the works for months were dashed at a moments notice.

I'm thankful for this community that is always here when I need a friendly connection.

cheers to you & yours - best in 2022

#seasonsgreetings #cancerconnectioncommunity

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Thank you, @OreTimber, for reconnecting.

I am glad this site was helpful for you and your wife. Both of you going through cancer at the same time while also taking care of your wife’s father sounds tough and difficult.

I hope you and your wife had a pleasant Christmas, and were able to visit with her father, although pandemic restrictions may have prevented that.

Best wishes to you throughout the holidays and in 2022. God bless you, too.

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@OreTimber What a lovely post…..thank you so much, and I too, wish you and yours a lovely, meaningful Holiday!

We all need to connect, and be heard and understood….best place = right here!



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Yes we were, he's a bit off on memory but has a pleasant nature and enjoyed the evening. Thanks.

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