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Pelvic/Abdominal Ultrasound Results - Worried

I had a pelvic/Abdominal ultrasound today and my Dr. phoned to tell me there's a cyst behind pelvic area and I will need an MRI asap. Considering I'm almost at the end of my Breast Cancer journey, it's a little concerning.

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Hi @scaredysquirrel

I'm glad you had that ultrasound and your doctor is getting on it by ordering an MRI. I can understand that you would be nervous about this.


Was this a routine ultrasound or have you been having symptoms?

Breathe. Distract yourself. Keep reaching out.


No symptoms, but my new NP (nurse practitioner) wants to make sure no signs of cancer anywhere else

Hello @scaredysquirrel - I can imagine that would be disconcerting. Hopefully you can get in for your MRI quickly and put your mind as ease. Let us know how you make out,

Take care


Thanks. I'm happy so say no news is good news. I never heard much about the MRI results, so I'm assuming all is well in that area. However, I now am booked for an angiogram in May. Some slight problem with my heart apparently. Oh well it never ends does it?

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