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First Mammo after Treatment - check!
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Hi all,
Just had my first 6 mos check up
after having finished treatment for early stage breast cancer (HR/ER+ and HER2-) with no lymph node involvement. I had surgery January 2021 and radiation ended in June. I’ve been on Tamoxifen since.
My mammo and ultrasound were clear - just showed a lot of scar tissue. I’ll be having an MRI in June Bc I have dense breasts.
My oncologist does blood work and all that came back normal. And my physical exam showed no enlarged lymph nodes or anything suspicious. So im feeling very relieved.
I find my thoughts have been consumed lately with cancer - this all began for me last year right bf Christmas - so I think it’s that too. But I’ve been so worried about recurrence lately. Mostly bc I was having new symptoms (rib pain, leg pain). Having been checked out now I’m hoping this feeling of security lasts for a while. And thoughts about cancer returning start to fade.

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Runner Girl
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Hi @chrys21

Wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on a terrific outcome!!

Enjoy this good news thru the Christmas season, and beyond.

Runner Girl

@chrys21 What a great set of results and, as far as being afraid of recurrences, you certainly not alone. Every ache and pain can strike fear. I've been there. Heck 10 years later and there is always something lurking in the back of mind that comes forward from time to time.

There is a difference between fear and being aware. It's great that you are aware but try not to let the fear interfere with the great life that is waiting for you.

Deep breath. Tamoxifen can cause aches as pains as well. Just monitor them.

I'm here for you to vent if you need to.


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Thanks @Runner Girl !

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Thanks @cancertakesflight

worrying is in my DNA so that adds to it!!!!🙂

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great news! 🎉

this post treatment time is absolutely NERVE WRACKING isn't it!!?? I can absolutely relate to how you may be feeling right now.

my treatments ended last year and my 6 month follow up was abnormal and actually had me getting another biopsy - yikes! that was a gut punch. I have been on pins and needles for the last six months waiting for this one - which turned out fine. I would think the scar tissue we have makes things very difficult to interpret???

just like you I have been advised to have a mammo and MRI annually - but stagger them so that I am having some kind of imaging every 6 months. that will help to keep my crazy at bay I think. #fingerscrossed

my friends and family say: if su isn't worrying about something, she worries! ha ha
so natch, I laughed out loud when I read that worrying is part of your DNA - me too, sista!!!!

have a great next 6 months.


#sixmonthfollowup #DNAworry

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Thanks @supersu

your responses always make me smile! the 6 month timeframe is reassuring as I’m not sure I could hang in there for a year! Here’s to keeping the worrying in check for awhile!

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