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LAST Day of Chemo!!
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Today, Monday November 15th is my last day of treatment! I am so emotional but also so relieved the day has finally come. My treatment time is later this morning and I never thought I’d say, I’m ready to go to my treatment today (I always dreaded the day). After this I was told by my oncologist that she’ll give me a nice break of a few weeks before putting me on the hormone treatment. I don’t know what that looks like quite yet but I’m just so glad I’ll be able to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends feeling somewhat normal.
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Runner Girl
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Congratulations @JasB! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones 🤗

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Congratulations @JasB! I’m doing the happy dance with you!💐👏🧑‍🎄💃 Can you ring the bell 🔔 where you are?

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@JasB, I started ringing our virtual bell in your honour. Here’s a link:


Congratulations and best wishes to you! 🔔🎊🎉🎈

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Congratulations, @JasB! What a great feeling to have it behind you.

Colette T-G
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@Runner Girl so happy for you! 💐

Runner Girl
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@Colette T-G

My last chemo was Nov 13, 2018. I posted the pic as a congratulations to @JasB

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@JasB A belated CONGRATS on your last day of treatment !!!! What a milestone to reach !!!

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Congratulations to you sadie12, I remember my last chemo treatment I had I was excited but a little scared. I am not on any hormone treatment but I do have to take a maintenance drug for a couple of years, and the side effects are s***** but just another thing I needed to get used to. I am glad you are doing good and are going to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends!!🙏💪💗

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Mine was two days ago after six months chemo port and 45 days chemo pills

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@Narges Hi; WOW, you finished chemo 2 days ago! Wonderful to hear! You Did It!

Breathe out……sip tea…….AND: 10 Jumping Jacks !!

Regards, Whitelilies

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Congratulations @JasB !!

You did it!! Officially a CHEMO Survivor which is fantastic! 😁. I finished my chemo for breast cancer at the end of January and the best part of celebration at hospital was pictures with the nurses. You don't realize how much you are used to seeing them all regularly till its over.

Enjoy your Christmas festivities with your family 👪 and let yourself relax 😌.

Cheers from Milton, ON.

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Way to go! You are a warrior.

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