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clothing choices after double mastectomy
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I had a double mastectomy in July and have chosen to 'go flat'. (Being able to go braless is the true silver lining of this journey!) I'm finding that some of my previous favourite clothes just don't look right. Is there any place to get help with clothing selection?
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Hi @LindaR

That’s great you view going braless as a silver lining in your experience. It can be a challenge to adjust to the changes.

Below is an article from People Magazine that may interest you:


Also, the woman in the article has a website, Leave Me Breastless. If you go to Menu at the website, she lists tips and suggestions for tops, dresses, activewear, swimwear and jumpsuits.


I hope there are useful ideas there, Linda. If I find anything else, I will return to post again.

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Hi @LindaR , you are not alone in your decision to stay flat after mastectomy. Let me introduce you @ashcon and hopefully she will be able to give you some advice.

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Hi @LindaR ,

Have a look at the website bustedtank.com. They have very reasonably priced undergarments and shapers.

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Hello @LindaR

I, too, had double mastectomy and have stayed flat. My choice in clothing is to wear shirts that are gathered at the front, flowing so as to create a look of ‘fullness’ in the front. So comfy and so nice not to have to wear a bra. I am short and a bit chunky around the waist and butt so they look much better than, say, a flat t-shirt. I don't wear this off the shoulder but this is what I'm referring to. I have many like this. Long sleeves, short sleeves. Hope this helps!

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(Thanks for the tag @Yuliya!)

I, too, am really enjoying the freedom from bras. And the money savings! I admittedly have a top or two in my closet from my pre-mastectomy days that I simply love and can't part with. When I wear those, I do wear a “light” prosthetic to fill it out a bit. Which usually means one of those sports bras that have openings into which I can slip some of those cup liners. I usually stack about 5 or 6 liners on each side. It's enough to mimic my previous small-breasts profile.

Thanks @S2020 and @DMT for those website recommendations. I hadn't seen those before! They are great!

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Thank you, S2020, for this information. I've looked up the blog (after reading the article) and I'm sure I'll find some good tips there. I appreciate your help. <3

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Thanks, Ashcon, for your reply. It sounds as though you're a smaller person. I'm not! So mimicking my previous size would require a lot of filling. I do have the ‘knitted knockers’ that I could use, but I haven't tried them. So far, I'm not feeling like I want to be flat one day and have ‘breasts’ another day, but never say never. I do have one dress in particular that I will hate to part with.

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Hi @Ineke . That's a great suggestion. I will start looking for that kind of style. Looks comfy, too.

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Hi @DMT Thanks for the info. :-)

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Hi @LindaR I'm not a small person either but sometimes wearing a prosthetic just isn't comfortable. I've got used to wearing a regular bra (to hold in the one breast I have left) and wearing loose scarves or jackets. Looks a bit dressy and less obvious. I also can't decide whether to have reconstructive surgery or not.

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Thanks, @JMS, for your reply. I'm not big on jackets, but I do have a whole drawer of scarves. That's a great idea. I'll have to go through them again for inspiration.

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