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Love my bald head
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I am a 77 year old male who just recently had 6 three week cycles of chemo and 20 radiation treatments for Stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. After the first cycle of chemo, my thick dark hair began to fall out in clumps. So I had a beautician shave my head completely to face the inevitable directly. The bald head experience was a bit unnerving at first but I came to actually like the simplicity and cleanliness of having no hair. I no longer have to cut or trim my hair, worry about its gradual graying, shampoo it, and deal with any unruliness. After trying a couple of cheaper brands, I splurged and bought a Pitbull head shaver and haven't looked back. It takes less than 5 minutes to reshave my head with the Pitbull, which I do every 10 days or so. I use baby shampoo every 3-4 days to keep my scalp clean and shiny. And my friends love it and are considering shaving their heads as a fashionable solution to their gradual graying and hair loss.
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@tenplay I love that you are enjoying the simplicity of no hair! I know a few men who have lost their hair through normal male pattern baldness who prefer to keep it really short!

after I lost my hair to chemo, I had a hard time getting used to it when it came back. I hated the curls - they were grey and I really felt old with them, so for about a year I trimmed my hair to one inch length all over. Loved it, so easy to clean, cool in summer, and I grew to like the shape of my head and my forehead without hair. I’m currently letting my hair grow out of curiosity to see what it’s like now. It has more colours in it than when it first grew back (mostly grey), and I’m enjoying the shiny softness it has on top. It’s all an experiment and I don’t know where it will take me, but thankfully hair is something we can play with and if we cut it all off, it’s usually gone temporarily!

Enjoy your carefree short hair!

Way to go with the flow (terrible pun ) tenplay‍ . While I couldn't wait to get my hair back, I did enjoy the quick showers and low maintenance.
Bald is beautiful 👩‍🦲
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You have a terrific outlook! Rocking the bald head is awesome. Do you have a plan for winter time? I'm in Calgary and when I lost my hair to chemo I found my head, even with a cover, was very cold in winter.

Now that my hair has grown back to shoulder length I am struggling to really appreciate it. Whereas my hair was to the middle of my back before cancer/chemo then was suddenly gone and I couldn't wait to have it back now I am finding it is such a nuisance. Can't tolerate having it in my face, it came back silver and much coarser than before so it's a bit more difficult to manage and I'm kind of missing having it shorter when it was a lot less fuss in the mornings. Geez, never happy are we?

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I am learning that there are so many kinds of hats to try out. So far I wear a tuque or knit cap when I want to cover my ears on colder days and a baseball cap on warmer days like nowadays. Both work well especially here in the Toronto area where temperatures aren't so extreme. Hats are a cool fashion statement and can be used to promote/share any message you desire. As an older guy who would normally be concerned with thinning hair anyway, it works well for me. I am getting used to receiving positive comments from strangers when I go out. 😊

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Hey @tenplay … as someone who has been bald for more than 20 years, I can tell you that you get used to it! It makes for faster showers, and cheaper hair care! I rarely wore hats before because I didn't like the idea that I was ‘covering up’ baldness - but now I found a couple of cool hats that I use to keep too much sun off my head. My fave is a straw ‘Monet’ hat that I love to wear in the garden… Though that would be out of place in Toronto! But I also had a pork pie hat that I never wore before that I wear sometimes for fun in the cooler weather. Enjoy!

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