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Sleeping after esophagectomy - pinched nerves?
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Anyone have issues with muscle pain, shoulder to elbow to wrist?
Cancer surgery 10 months ago, had some issues with epidural not taking
10 days into hospital fingers numb, last 3 each hand that morning and problems ever since
now 4 months ago, and thinking from sleeping elevated too, this constant nagging pain is not finding relief from a Chirpractor, osteopath or medications , pain oozing up into the neck. Anyone else experience this?
or know of a resolve?
it’s weird to know where things are coming from after such an invasive surgery.
wishing everyone some joy in their day today , thanks
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Hello Rhodashope
Sorry to hear you are having these issues with musle pain. Is your dr or oncologist aware of it?

I thought I would tag CDN Traveller‍ who I believe also had a esophagectomy and perhaps can share their experience post surgery.

Hi Rhodashope‍,

Sorry to hear your experiencing this pain and numbness. As Lianne_Moderator‍ has suggested I would encourage you to ask your surgeon/oncologist about these symptoms. I have not experienced these symptoms since surgery- others, but not related to neuropathy or muscle pain, other than the initial recover.
CDN Traveller
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Hi Rhodashope‍ Sorry to hear of your pain situation. I had my esophagectomy March 15th and have been cruising along quite well until the last week or so. I've developed what I think is probably neuropathy. I have tingling, numbness and a burning sensation near the surface in my upper right chest and across my abdomen. I'm using Tylenol and Advil to try and calm this down but it is persistent. Fortunately it has not impacted my sleep too much yet.

I'm hoping that in my case the issue arises from the nerves healing but if it does not improve soon I'll try consulting my family doc. Today I'm going to try increasing the amount of exercise I'm getting to see if that helps.

It surprises me that your problem has arisen this far along in your recovery but perhaps that's what they mean when they explain to us that this is “major surgery”. Hope that your circumstances improve soon.

Best regards.

My husband is two years post esphagectomy surgery and has neuropathy in his left hand. Started well before cancer treatment but was advised that chemo could aggravate the symptoms. Unfortunately, he has not been able to find any sustained relief or cure. He is having nerve conduction test at end of May and neurologist is hoping to determine a treatment plan other than medication.

Get with your doctors to get next steps determined for you.


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