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DM MAMMO BLAT Appointment Notification
I had my regular mammogram last June and my Oncologist said it was fine, I received this notification in the mail today about a DM Mammo blat exam. I am wondering should I be worried? My Oncologist has actually moved on to a new job and turned me over to a new Oncologist at a different hospital. I had my Zoledonic Acid Infusion this past Jan. and figured that would be the last time to see her. I'm slated to see the new Onc this July and also will be getting a bone scan. It's been 4 years since my lumpectomy and my chemo and radiation, I sure don't want to go through all that again! Any opinions?

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what a shocker to open up the mail and find that requisition!
which doc signed it? if it is the new one, I would just imagine that if they are taking over your case & you are getting a bone scan also, they just want to start with a clear picture!

I would call the office where it came from and clarify....you don't want to worry about it till July!

cheers & hugs

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I agree with supersu‍ if you have questions or concerns about it give the office a call- you don't want to spend months stressing.

Good to hear from you! Wow 4 years ago already.

Keep us posted,
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I’m sorry you got that surprise in the mail. Like supersu‍ said, it could be that your new oncologist wants another test, or for some reason they aren’t aware you recently had one. It could also just have been a mistake.

I would definitely call the office to double check.
Hi all, yes I called my new Onc but she is on vacation, her secretary said to go and have it done. It does seem odd that I would get this request from my former Onc since she has now left the RCH Oncology Dept. It was signed by her though and I phoned the Mammogram dept to change to a better time so it is legit. My husband doesn't think I should get too concerned. It may just be my former Onc tying up lose ends and making sure everything is okay. Hope so! Thanks for your support
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scaredysquirrel‍ I think it’s your oncologist just making sure you get all your appointments before she moves on. I have a diagnostic mammogram every year but it’s up to me to make sure I go see my GP six months in between for a physical exam and ask her to book the next diagnostic mammogram. I would love it if I just automatically got booked for it! Take a deep breath and relax until your appointment.
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