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Hair Treatment After Chemo Treatment
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Hi all,
I am almost half a year post my chemo treatment for my Hodgkyns Lymphoma. My hair grew back but it is all dark grey with some white hairs ( I am 44 year old)I am planning to have a short haircut for my birthday in two weeks and would like to dye my hair or just use highlights using natural products. Any recommendations?
Thank you
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ABA‍ I had my hair highlighted prior to chemo but haven't done anything since finishing chemo. I just googled it and it suggests waiting for at least 6 months after chemo before dying hair. Possibly you can look in the organic aisle of your grocery store. Have you thought of using those temporary hair dyes that last the weekend and then wash out? Plus there are shampoos that might add color to your hair also. Hopefully someone has had success and will be of help.
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