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Calling all Kayakers! (Or any paddlers!)
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Hey all you paddlers...

I'm finally starting to feel better and can't wait for the ice to melt and the waters to open up so I can get out in my kayak!
I've seen lots of profile pics of folks in their kayaks....are you one of them?
I'm curious to know where where you've paddled? I'm in Alberta so not too much choice for lakes but the lakes I've been on in the Rocky Mountains have been fabulously scenic and fridgidly cold! The Pacific Ocean has also been one of my favourites and is equally cold!
I haven't been out in my boat since radiation left me with some toilet challenges and I wonder how others have copied with bowel urgency issues.
Looking forward to learning more about your experiences with the three 'p's (paddling pooping and peeing)!

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Hi Judy IamJay

As discussed - I am one of those kayak profile people as well. Mostly my wife and I paddle in Algonquin Park. The local big lakes have become too busy with speed boaters that just don't pay enough attention to the paddlers. Better safe than sorry - too many close calls. Our cars are set up with roof racks and its simple to strap them on the car for a day trip - to any where. Usually we pack a lunch, drive up check in, and decide which lake to hit that day. Our paddling usually goes from 2 - 4 hours and then its back to finish up our lunch on shore and treat ourselves to an ice cream cone for the trip back home. We also paddle on the "quiet part" of the Muskoka river and enjoy the quiet scenic, "non cottage" parts of what I call the "lost world". It's nice because that part is usually filled with paddle boarders, canoeists and kayaks - so lots of similar people powered company in the summer months.

Your travels sound wonderful and diverse. The ocean would be quite the time. I'd imagine you'd likely use the kayak skirt for those trips. I hope you find your comfort level and ability to get back in the "paddle" again after the challenges left by radiation. Many people today have some level of incontinence to deal with in everyday life. Depend or other brand name incontinence support devices give more freedom to do what we enjoy with less worry about where the washroom is - especially in a kayak. Might I suggest you also speak with one of the therapists at the hospital you were treated at for suggestions in gaining the best control through diet and timing of food/liquid and kayaking ( also imodium or similar product) and or incontinence devices as I suggested. I found my lymphedema issues were and still are a challenge, and when we are left with challenges, it takes time, trial and error and research to find what works best for us.

Thanks for putting this post out, and I look forward to hearing from other paddlers. ashcon‍ - Dragon Boater's included 😉.

Keep well

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Hi Judy IamJay
So glad you are feeling better! The call of spring, nature, and open waters is the best thing for when you're feeling better, yes?
I was in a dragon boat for the first time in my life just 2 months after I finished my last radiation (breast cancer), then was paddling in Regattas in southern Ontario 2 months after that! So liberating and empowering!
I am lucky that I don't have to worry about bathroom issues myself, but ACH2015‍ has given some good ideas.
Runner Girl‍ may also have some ideas on that topic. Plus she lives in Alberta.

Wishing you wellness and warm waters!
Runner Girl
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Hi IamJay

Yes, I'm in Alberta, Calgary. I suffer from IBS and I am a runner. I have a ton of tricks to keep my pooper in order that work, most of the time!

Let me know if you want to talk.

Runner Girl
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IamJay‍ I’m a canoeist of 25+ years, and I’ve canoed in UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Ontario, Manitoba and the Yukon...

I was back in a boat as soon as I finished treatment, doing gentle multi-day trips. My colon is unreliable post-chemo, so I have a poop kit and a change of clothes, but I also use medication to keep things in order because really I want to enjoy the trip and not be thinking about bathroom opportunities all the time! My paddling partners have got used to me disappearing off or asking for an immediate move to shore! In fact, I paddle with a few IBS sufferers so I’m in good company!

Hope you can work something out! There’s still a bit of melting needed here! Essjay
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Essjay‍ - you win as most traveled paddler!

As a camper yourself, do you remember the days when cars were covered in bumper stickers of all the camp sites they had visited? I remember seeing and looking for all the stickers on cars as a kid in the 60's.

I imagine your canoe covered in colorful badges of all the wonderful places you mention from the world.

Thanks for that vision. The "good old days" revisited in my memories.

Cynthia Mac
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IamJay‍ , not many people here would know this about me, but I loved kayaking, and it was only last summer that I finally sold my boat. (It was a Boreal design touring kayak.)

I joined the kayaking club about 15 years ago, and loved it - got my level 1 certificate. I did a day trip with the group on Lake Simcoe, and also did a paddle in Mahone Bay, NS. Then, I met someone who was an avid paddler, and lived with him for a couple years on a river in Central Ontario. (That’s when I bought my kayak.) We also did a canoe trip on McCrae Lake.

When we split up, I stored my kayak, but because I was a 10 minute drive from a launch and didn’t have a “paddling buddy,” I never got out again, so I sold it last summer. I still love kayaking because you’re so close to water level (guess it’s the Aquarius in me...)
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I have adenocarcinoma cells. Right now they are checking whether this is primary or secondary. I had the same cells with a stage 1 colon cancer but the pathology stated they were unrelated. I am being treated at the Jurivinski Cancer Clinic in Hamilton Ont. Right now I feel great and I go with that day by day. On the 12 th I will have an MRI and the on the 23rd the appt with the doctors and the treatment plan. It ie easy now to be calm and positive but my mind wonders… I know thee will be challenges coming up.

Happy Easter 🐣

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Hi magic
Once they have a treatment plan, feel free to check in again with me. I don't want.to overload you with information that might not be applicable to you. If you have specific questions feel free to ask. I don't blush at anything anymore!
You aren't new to this so remember, you are driving this bus....ask your medical team lots of questions so that you are clear about what they want to do and why and how!
Find a way to enjoy your time between now and your MRI....
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