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21 things for 2021
A few years ago a member shared that they don't make resolutions they make a list of things they want to do or accomplish for the year ahead. For example 21 things for 2021. Then you have the year to check them off. For example:

1. Walk twice a week
2. Learn to paint
3. Try one new recipe a week
4. Paint the kitchen
5. Call my friends more

What is on your 21 for 2021 list! Share with us below 😊
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Well, I did get 21 things, and could have kept going. lol

1/ train for bike ride this summer
2/ lose 20 lbs
3/ learn a new trade
4/ start own business
5/ learn javascript, html5
6/ start learning second language, likely French so I can go to Quebec and ask for a sandwhich
7/ go on back country photography trip
8/ learn night photography
9/ learn portrait photography
10/ sit still for 4 hours once a week
11/ install bike rack on my vehicle
12/ plant flowers from seed in house
13/ write hand-written letters to at least one person each month
14/ figure out how to make my own paper from scraps or recycling for craft projects
15/ figure out how to make something with my wood lathe
16/ get an ATV for my photography trips
17/ complete another year of helping out at CCC
18/ write my first book
19/ learn orienteering proficiently, (just an amateur there now)
20/ make bread that Im not scared to show to family or friends
21/ get my drone pilot license for my photography projects
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WoW.....I could make a list of 21 things, in addition to countless other items on my ever-growing list.
However, since I feel too much pressure and guilt when I rarely complete anything on my list, I have decided to refrain from making a list.
I could repeat this mantra 21 times for 2021, but that would most likely be annoying to everyone...and being annoying is NOT on my list.
Good Luck to All, I admire you.
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You never annoy me law‍ . On the contrary, you crack me up.     I'm going to try and come up with 21 things...one of them being stopping the dairy queen swing bys.   Just because  there seems to be  one on tbe way to everywhere I go doesn't mean I need to stop in there each time.   20 more to go......  
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Lacey_Moderator‍ Hi Lacey
My List will be short n sweet......
Top 3:
1. walk 10K per day, rain or shine or snow or sleet
2. be more patient on homefront
3. visit my parents, daily.

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Don't have 21 things, just a few
Get outside three or four times a week
Play in snow
Finish my 2 diamond paintings
Finish small afghan for my grandson
Eat Healthier
Ask for help when I need it
Advocate for myself with my Doctors
Be able to stay on the new chemo as I haven't been able to stay on two because of toxicity and febrile neutropenia
Accept that I did not have T790 mutation to start Tagrisso
As we are very lucky in Nfld, with only 4 cases Covid province wide, that cases stay low, so we are able to live close to normal
Try and be less anxious, stressed and keep in mind that a greater power is at work as well, if you believe it to be God or The Universe.
I will stop there, and hope everyone on this site has a blessed 2021
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This is timely for me. I spent the last 2 years in retirement limbo (depression) and I'm now trying to get some direction to a more fulfilling life. I have my bullet journal beside me and ready to get organized with my life.

1. Get organized (lol)
2. Make connections with friends from my past where I currently live.
3. Hospice volunteer work ( covid has put a hold on this)
4. Take local art courses
5. Learn something new.
6. Start my business.
7. Get more fit by losing some extra weight.
8. Bird watching with local groups.
9. Make sure my walking momentum continues.
10. Develop skills I have been wanting too. ( topography)
11. Build snow sculptures.
12. Spend more time with photography.
13. Art journal regularly.
14. Travel through local area staying at bed and breakfasts.
15. Volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society.
16. Write letters by hand to family and friends.
17. Work on the many life time art courses that I am registered in.
18. Ice skating.
20. Work on my yard and garden with only minimal cost. (need a used wheel barrow)
21. Have garden parties with a fire.

Now to write these under goals in my bullet journal!

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What a wonderful idea. Thanks for starting this inspiring post.

21 things for 2021 for Melinda (me 🙋‍♀️). Some of them I’m already do but want to keep going with, others are new.
1. Walk outside 5 days a week 😎
2. Tell my partner I love and appreciate him every day ❤️
3. Do yoga and/or stretching for my back more days than not 😉
4. Explore a creative hobby, cause that’s not really my thing, but I wanna try 😬
5. Connect with my girlfriends, even when I’m off grid and it takes more effort (not enough internet for Facebook, I have to actually call 😋)
6. Add an addition spiritual practice to my life 
7. Try adding a new food once a month to my diet that I took out after colon cancer, just to see, but go small the first time
8. Share on social media once a quarter a cancer screening information page
9. Spend individual time with each of my adult kids, without the grandkids, just them
10. Have family dinners again, safely and within the health guidelines, hopefully 🙏🏻 
11. Go zip lining again
12. Swim in the lake as often as weather will allow 🥶
13. Have my oldest granddaughter to our cabin in the summer without mom and dad for the first time
14. Go fishing more
15. Practice my archery, adding more targets, building strength - couldn’t do this much after surgery last year
16. Limit the coffee I drink to 2 cups most days
17. Blaze a new trail in the forest to our neighbours cabin 1.5 km away
18. Get my Covid vaccine and booster when it’s my turn
19. Find a balance of the amount and type of fibre in my diet
20. Plant some new kinds of vegetables in my garden
21. Be grateful in each day

I’m grateful for this exercise today. Thanks you 

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1. Finish something that I start ....anything
2. read more books I’m hooked on Magazines but      have a ton of books
3. maintain my sense of humour
4. learn to crochet 🧶 properly 
5. reach out more when I need help
6. try meditation 🧘‍♀️ 
7. bake bread 
8. Organize under the bathroom sink
9. Smile more
10 sort my phone emails
11. reach out to old friends
12. teach my bf to use internet 
13. Go for car rides
14. sort clothes for goodwill
15. walk the dog just for fun
16. bake banana bread and give it to neighbours
17. clean out the dresser drawer and get rid of stuff
18. Sing 🎶 outloud - I live in country who cares
19 finish the d*** puzzle on kitchen table 
20. sort pantry and again learn to throw crap out
21. read this list over and over and actually do the things ....refer number 1           
Great idea!

Here is my short list:

- eating more fruits and vegetables;
- go for a daily afternoon walks, even if it is just around the block!
- have regular phone calls with my parents;
- take a nap once a day as needed;
- practice meditation;
- keep busy by organizing something - recipes, clothes, books etc.
- virtual coffee/lunch dates with friends;
- virtual Saturday dinners with friends;

​​​​​I do things that makes me happy! 😀
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I wish that I could gain the state of mind to make a list and accomplish some of the things on it.  But it takes a full mental effort to get out of bed and cleaned up for the day.  I do take antidepressants already.  But I prefer to lay my head down and sleep.  I live with family, and go out to the store occasionally.  But I would just rather sleep or watch a little television.  I wish that I shared your attitudes.  Sorry  about the depressing note.
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You never have to apologize to us Tilly59‍ .  This is a place where you can share your true feelings without judgement.     I'm just bit concerned about you..............you mentioned taking an anti depressant............are you also being monitored by a doctor  regularly to see how the meds are working?    Or do you have someone to discuss these feelings with?    A social worker perhaps?      Are you currently going through treatment?       
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Hi Tilly59‍  Glad to have you sharing how you are feeling among the rest of us. I take an antidepressant too and although I felt better emotionally it took many months with a couple of dose increases before I had the energy to get up and move. I would sleep 12-16 hrs a day and watch tv and that was it. I’m sure you can think of at least one thing you would like to do before the end of the 2021 year?

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I do have a family doctor, and every few months I have a follow-up appointment  with an oncologist.  I used to see a social worker.  But it ended because at the time I felt better.  The cancer group I was attending is shut down because of covid.  I have been thinking of making an appointment with the social worker again.  And I do have other medical conditions, including diverticulosis.  And I have had two bad attacks of diverticulitis within the last week including one tonight.  One of my problems is that I don't have the best family doctor.  She is a nice woman but not the most competent.  So I only consult her if I have too.  I think I will make an appointment with my previous social worker and go from there.  Thank you for the reply.
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Tilly59‍ - It’s so hard to deal with the cancer alone, then add another physical hardship as well as COVID on top of that and it all seems so overwhelming. I wonder how people do it? I’m glad you are going to see the social worker again. Can you ask your family doctor to refer you to a specialist for your diverticulitis? Treat yourself to something nice today. One thing I learned in an anxiety class for self care was to think of a happy memory and fully immerse yourself in all of your senses with it. Then think of another one and do this as often as you like. I did this every morning when I first woke up and it was a pleasant experience among my days of unpleasantness. 

Wishing you the best
Tilly59‍ the most mportant thing is listening to yourself and lean into your feelings - didn't feel like doing anything yesterday, so I didn't do much but was content anyway. Still managed to get outside for my daily walk, had to drag myself outside but that always do me good, even if it's barely 10 minutes. 

I also try to have at least one 'small' pleasure a day - sometimes it is just a little Lindt chocolate after dinner!  I feel chocolate always help! :)
Not sure if I can come up with 21 things, but here goes...

1. Continue my water colour painting classes and any other art classes, like drawing
2. Keep doing my exercises daily, especially my stationary bike
3. Go for walks when weather permits
4. Learn to cook better and make healthier meals
5. Continue my clutter clearing
6. Hopefully get updates done to house
7. Read books on my Kobo reader
8. Try not to dwell on the past 
9. Play my piano more

Well that's my list, I guess 8 is plenty!....OOPS, I thought of one more

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After much deep thought, here’s my list:

1. Get vaccinated.
2. Get back to the Bahamas.
3 - 20. Try and get my head around quantum mechanics - again.
21. Knit at least one d*** sock.
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