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Post-cancer neuropathy

Post-cancer neuropathy

Posted by eak64 on Jun 5, 2020 8:31 pm

I am recovering from rectal cancer. I was diagnosed in March of 2019. I had radiation treatments for 6 weeks. I had surgery back in September of 2019. I started chemotherapy treatments in November of 2019 and finished treatments in March of 2020. It has been 12 weeks since I finished chemotherapy treatment. I have been dealing with excessive neuropathy pain in my hands and feet. I have tried several antidepressant medications to try and relieve the pain, but none of those have worked. The pain is severe. I am wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions who may have experienced the same issues with neuropathy. I am wondering if the pain is ever going to subside. 

Re: Post-cancer neuropathy

Posted by Ellen52 on Jun 5, 2020 10:13 pm

Hi...I get it in my hands and take gabapentin 300 mg... it controls the pain most of the time...I was told it is permanent nerve damage but pain is controllable... Thank Goodness! My cancer was inoperable so I will be in treatment as long as it’s working...so no post cancer...stage 4 bladder cancer metastasis to lymphnodes and back bone...I’m so very happy you are doing well...keep living your life to the fullest and ask Dr about Gabapentin (sp) Take care...🤗❤️😀

Re: Post-cancer neuropathy

Posted by OC2017 on Jun 6, 2020 9:45 am

Hi there,

I'm about 30 month's post a six month treatment of FolFox Chemo for Colin Cancer. They had to stop the Oxaliplatin about 1 month early due to neuropathy in my fingers and toes.  My fingers have recovered fairly well, by my feet and toes haven't.  For me, I don't feel it so much as pain, but as an uncomfortable sensation whenever my toes move and a tightness in the arch of my feet.

I've been on Effexor for anxiety for many years and recently attempted to reduce and come off the medication.  My neuropathy seems to have gotten worse as I reduced dosage, so I'm going back up.

I've realized that for me the foot/toes neuropathy is likely permanent.   The cancer hasn't returned to this point in time, so the price paid has been worth it.

Everyone's journey is unique, so your experience can be different, I hope your neuropathy improves.

Best Regards


Re: Post-cancer neuropathy

Posted by Lauren55 on Jun 6, 2020 11:52 am

eak64‍  I too suffered from neuropathy and I took Gabapentin 300mg as well.  I stopped taking the Gabapentin about a year ago and controlled the pain with Tylenol Arthritis.  I am  about 2 1/2 years post treatment.  The strangest thing happened a couple nights ago.  I was walking barefoot on my tile floor and I could feel the cold in my heals.  I still have a bit of my feet that don’t feel anything yet but WOW..  I was so surprised that I kept putting my feet on new cold areas of the floor just to make sure I was actually feeling something.  

My point is, we all heal at our own rate, don’t give up hope, things will get better.  Maybe never back to the same bc but certainly they get better.  

Live Love Laugh