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Still healing after mastectomy

Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by Scared on Nov 25, 2019 9:23 am

Hi, I've noticed as I do more, like up and down stairs and bending to pick up things or in and out of the oven, that I get this pain just above scar.  It actually feels like a pulled muscle at times.   I'll ask about it at physio today.
just wondered if anyone else had that happen.   I've been taking tramadol/acet at bedtime the last few nights to help with pain. 


Re: Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by Wendy Tea on Nov 25, 2019 12:39 pm

Hi Scared‍ , I also have those feelings and pain but mine are usually short bursts. I tell myself it is the nerve endings looking for their partner. I doubt this is the case but I like to understand things! Also  several months after my mastectomy I had a prolonged sharp pain. I think I over did it with exercises.  I rested, was careful when I reached or stretched, and it was fine after several days. I still experience tightness but gentle massages help.

Always chat with your doctor and physiotherapist whenever something is not right.  

Best wishes 
Wendy Tea 

Re: Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by cancertakesflight on Nov 26, 2019 5:46 am

Scared‍ Were you given stretches to do after your surgery? I wasnt allowed to leave the hospital after my mastectomy until I saw a physiotherapist who walked me through some stretches. The types of stretches I did change after I reached certain stages of my recovery. I faithfully did my stretches and I didnt have any problems. There us also the possibility of scar tissue. I was told to massage my scar after it healed with vitamin E. I did a zig zag one way and circles the other.

As Wendy Tea‍ said. Always consult with your doctor. It could be something we said or something entirely different. What was said at your appointment. 


Re: Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by Scared on Nov 26, 2019 6:40 pm

Hi cancertakesflight,

today the oncologist did all the talking.  He was very fast.  My cat scan is clear. Other tests were negative.  I'm estrogen and progesterone positive so I need to take hormone called anastrozole or arimidex.  This is for treating hormone sensitive breast cancer in women after menopause.  The doc says it can cause osteoporosis so now he wants me to have a bone density test so I go back to hospital for that next week.  Geez it never ends.
So to avoid osteoporosis I'm supposed to also take calcium and vitamin D with hormone pill.  At least I'm not a candidate for chemo.  He sent a tissue sample off to California for a test that showed I'm low risk for recurrence. 

My husband and I were there for 2 hours waiting at this appointment so once we got the explanation and results we were anxious to get out of there.   Not sure if he would know about this other pain I have.  Maybe I should see the surgeon again.  Or my family doctor.  I'm so exhausted today.   Maybe I'll try the massaging with oil.
The surgeon left this point bump in the middle which bothers me too. Kinda makes it look like cleavage on mastectomy side.  He said if it doesnt go down in a few months come back and he will fix it.   I assume he'll cut it out or something.  I asked if he would put me out for this and he said no just freeze with a needle.   
oh great!  Not done yet.  

Re: Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by Scared on Nov 28, 2019 10:04 am

Hi Wendy Tea,
I'm supposed to take the hormone treatment every day now.  I believe your case and mine are the most similar that I've found so far.  The pill is called anastrozole or arimidex. Is that what you take?  I filled the prescription but didn't start taking it yet. Apparently there are lots of side effects for which I may have to take something else to counter those.    Do you find any side effects from the one you take? 
The package also says its 'cytotoxic'  meaning it can kill cancer cells and can harm healthy cells too.  Right now all my tests show that I'm clear but this is supposed to be a preventative.   
Would you share your experience with me?

Re: Still healing after mastectomy

Posted by Wendy Tea on Dec 6, 2019 12:38 am

Scared‍ , sorry I am having problems finding your posts. Please use the @ symbol and immediately type my name so I can find posts. When it works my name will turn blue.

I was prescribed hormone blockers so cancer has nothing to feed on. Usually symptoms are minimal but they are different for each person. The key is to keep an open mind about what is happening. Also have your partner and friends let you know if they notice any changes in moods. I could not tolerate Letrozole but others have no problems. Now I take tamoxifen and so far it is fine. Please take your meds. They will help protect you.

Remind me where you are again please. I purchased my bra and prosthesis at a medical supply store called Nightingale in White Rock BC. You need to be personally fitted because there are different brands, colors, shapes, weights, and sizes! The boob goes inside a pocket in the bra so it stays in place. I am thrilled at my new look.

My blog address is www.whatcancerleft.blogspot.com 
I hope I covered all of your questions.

Best wishes 
Wendy Tea