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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Lacey_adminCCS on Dec 31, 2018 3:42 pm

Happy new year everyone! Last year we did a list of 18 goals for 2018.

Anyone up for 19 for 2019? Share below if you don't have 19 that is okay! 

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by ACH2015 on Dec 31, 2018 4:38 pm

Hi Lacey_adminCCS‍ 

I've got a few goals to share. I'll think of 15 more goals throughout 2019.

1) Finally watch the last season of Game of Thrones. Winter took too long to come Jon Snow!

2) Collect my first Pension Check in April 2019. (Happy I'm alive to collect one!) wink

3) Continue to regain strength and endurance while losing some excess weight. (Thanks Prednisone!)

4) Continue to roll with the ups and downs life throws our way the best I can.

Keep moving forward in 2019 everyone.

ACH2015 - Andy.


Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Runner Girl on Dec 31, 2018 6:55 pm

Hi Lacey_adminCCS‍ ,

I have one goal for 2019 so far.  To run the Millarville half marathon on June 15th in 2 hours 14 minutes or less.  

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Jan 1, 2019 9:36 am

Well, I’ll take a crack at it...I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, but since you’re calling them goals...

  1. Get my old tv out of living room (it’s in a box and it’s been there almost a year.)
  2. Find out what is going on in my abdomen
  3. Walk more and more often
  4. Have a wonderful time in AU and NZ (bit of a no-brainer, that) — and pay back the few bucks I had to dip into for that final payment (ouch)
  5. Get my first pension cheque (beatcha by a hair, Andy!), which will help with 4, above
  6. Put a new deck on the house - which 5, above, will help achieve!
  7. Pay for the cruise I’ve signed on for in 2020 
  8. See my friends more.
  9. At least 10 craft goals, that I haven’t yet planned
  10. Get some of last year’s crafts framed
You all will notice that “clean up my office” isn’t anywhere on that list. Sigh.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Pinky17 on Jan 1, 2019 11:20 am

Happy New Year Everyone!  I've been off the site for a while, but happy to check back in and see how everyone is doing.  Lacey_adminCCS‍ , I love the idea of 19 for 2019 - you've inspired me to put it down in writing and set some tangible goals!  Here goes...
1) Say "I Love You" a minimum of once a day (other than to my dogs! wink)
2) Join MAC (Muskoka Arts & Crafts) and participate more in our local Arts community events
3) Go horseback riding again (I miss our horses) with an eventual goal of doing a weekend cattle drive (yup, available in Ontario!!)
4) Get a new hair style
5) Go ice skating
6) Read at least 6 books (I love reading, but I'm a slow reader!)
7) Attend 3 or 4 Sisters / Girls Weekend events
8) Help my Aunt M move into a senior's residence
9) Help Mom move into a senior's residence
10) Declutter ALL of our closets
11) Start to declutter the house in preparation for downsizing in a year or two
12) Take more art classes at our local studio
13) Make more phone calls and less texts
14) Complete 4 new drawings and/or paintings
15) Refurbish Nanny's bench and make a new seat cushion for it
16) Make a new cover for the dogs' window seat
17) Make a new dog bed for the rec room
18) Paint the bathroom a new colour
19) See at least 3 theatre productions (will be booking Come from Away tomorrow)
This is going to be the year that I tap back into my creativity - it is a wonderful stress reliever and a great opportunity to make some gifts.
I wish everyone on this site joy, positivity, and good/better health in 2019.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by LPPK on Jan 1, 2019 7:51 pm

My 19 for 2019 list includes items that need to be done,  things that are enjoyable, things that are new and things that will challenge me.  It is possible to be successful with each and every item.  And since this is a living document I can make changes during the year to make sure I am successful. 

1. Keep my health binder up to date and coordinate with my GP to ensure I have the procedures/tests according to my survivorship plan.  Create a detailed file on how I feel (eg. drug side effects, after effects of surgeries)
2. Expand my repertoire of go-to recipes for sea food, soup, veggie dishes.

3. Keep up the goal of 70,000 steps weekly and at least twice a week aim for 10,500 steps                              
4.  Coordinate Team Hazel and walk 5km in our 11th annual ALS family walk in September
5. When golfing on our own course walk and push the cart 90% of the time and                         play at least one new golf course and one we have enjoyed in the past this summer
 Host and play in our third annual family golf tournament in August
6.  Participate in a weekly yoga class and do yoga at home at least 2 times a week                      
7. Curl a minimum of twice a week during the season
 8. January, go to the mentor workshop in King City
9. February, go on the Egypt/Jordan cruise and trip.
10. August, go for a driving trip for a few days/week (eg. Gaspe, NS, PEI)
11. December, go on a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean
12.   Paint the living room and TV room new colours.  Sew new curtains
13.  Declutter the basement storage area and create a games area
14. Start and complete one needlepoint picture  
15. Paint a picture for the kitchen/dining room wall
16. Present at least one book at the Off the Shelf group at the library
17. Liaison with teachers and schools for the PEO Popsicle bridge competition for
 the Thousand Island Chapter, photograph competitions and write a report on the
 month long activities during March. 

18. Offer to scribe for the grade 3/6 EQAO testing at St. Joes during May
 Family History:
19. Record a family history of both mine and my husband’s  parents, grandparents and great grandparent including memories we have, stories we have been told and photographs.  Do research on line and talk/write to get information from my mother in law (the only one left of that generation) and from my brother
Give a copy of the completed book to each of our three children


Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Jan 2, 2019 7:31 am

Pinky17‍ , there is nothing wrong with saying I love you to your dogs, imo. Depending on where you are in Muskoka, and where the Muskoka Arts group is, I’m almost close enough to join you — we have a couple ladies come from Muskoka to our knitting group in Orillia. I love that you want to get back to your creativity. That’s my happy place, to be sure!

LPPK‍ ,  your activity goals are enviable! And I would really like to find some form of exercise class - yoga, rowing, (not spinning - those people are just a little hyper for me!). I could do with some new curtains - fostering cats and having a black cat and white curtains has taken their tolls...

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Brighty on Jan 2, 2019 8:15 am

Everyone's new years resolutions sound enviable.    I don't makes them because  I never keep them.    Judith timson had an article  in the paper yesterday  that we should just be happy as we are .     But maybe one goal for me can be not to eat from cans and boxes  any more     princessmaura‍  you will be proud of that one

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by LPPK on Jan 2, 2019 9:57 am

I love reading everyone's 19 for 2019.  
Brighty‍ Love your eating goal.  If you come up with some great fresh recipes pass them on. 
Pinky17‍  Good luck with your decluttering and downsizing.  I did a major decluttering  fall 2017 and winter of 2018.  I created many piles; 1. keep pile (do I absolutely need this?), 2. offer to the kids/grandkids (if they don't want it it goes into one of the next  piles), Value Village or Salvation Army pile, free cycle pile (free cycle trailer at our local dump), paper recycle (Why do I still have my report cards from the 1950s and 1960s?)  and garbage.   At first I spent a lot of time deciding which piles to put tings in but after a few weeks it became much easier. 
Cynthia Mac‍ I'm glad you are feeding your traveling bug.  We also are going on a cruise in 2020. Wouldn't it be neat if we are on the same one.
Runner Girl‍ a 1/2 marathon is a wonderful way to challenge yourself.  My daughter's sister in law is a marathon runner and travels the world doing marathons on her vacations ( Canada, USA, Ireland, Germany, and Australia)
ACH2015‍ I like your goal to be like the Grand Old Duke of York.  Hoping you many ups and half way ups in 2019.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Jan 2, 2019 10:14 am

Yes, I think you and I will have some grand conversations about needlepoint and travelling at the weekend, LPPK‍ !


Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by princessmaura on Jan 2, 2019 11:51 am

Brighty‍ ,yes, I am happy to hear that you don't want to eat out of cans and boxes, but it is a lot of work to cook from scratch...yes, I am proud of you for wanting to do that...

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Brighty on Jan 2, 2019 5:54 pm

princessmaura‍  thank you!!!!! LPPK‍  I will pass along some recipes of I ever get cooking right   .    I messed up my omlette yesterday.    It was edible but it came out in shreads and pieces.    Looked like piece of yellow mush with chunks in it.      So I'm a long way off from becoming a chef lol.   

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by princessmaura on Jan 3, 2019 9:40 am

Brighty‍, I'm sorry to hear how your omelette turned out...you have made them before, haven't you?
how about cooking some fried eggs?   I usually cook them and they turn out well...remember:   practice makes perfect...don't give up...
you are welcome, and I am wishing you the best in 2019...Happy New Year!

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by princessmaura on Jan 3, 2019 9:44 am

my new year's resolution is to live one day at a time as I have been doing...and to be more vigilant about climate change and how this has and will affect populations all over the world...I will strive to be more understanding and compassionate in 2019, and to always forgive those who have hurt me, for, I believe, that forgiveness leads to inner healing...

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Brighty on Jan 3, 2019 2:27 pm

princessmaura‍  thank you!!! Same to you!!! Fried eggs are pretty easy to make so I'll stick to that for now.   I love your new years resolution!!!!!

Re: Happy New Year!/ Retreat

Posted by Cinderella59 on Jan 3, 2019 5:03 pm

Happy New Years everyone!! 

Well  LPPK‍; Lacey_adminCCS‍ and everyone. 
i don’t usually make resolutions bc I don’t stick to them. 
I’m still having problems remembering things. I have to write them down I make a todo list. 
Im going to have to de clutter the house as we’re probably going to have to sell the house. 
Not looking forward to it. As I’m a procrastinator too. 
My life is very stressful too. 

Btw it would be nice to meet up with everyone while your in King city I’m in Maple which is just south of there. 
Are u staying at the kingsbridge Center?  It’s really nice there. I’ve been there for my work retreat years ago. 
Let me know what you think. 


Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by princessmaura on Jan 4, 2019 7:47 am

Brighty‍, I'm glad that you like my New Year's resolution...thanks...

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Dielle on Jan 4, 2019 7:02 pm

Hi everyone,

My sister and I both did a list again this year and I have just finalized mine.  I didn't read any of yours beforehand because when I do that I keep thinking "thats a great idea" and adding on and then I come up with too many. I have not put decluttering down even though I do want to do some of that (it seems like most of us do).

We both did pretty well last year.  We didn't do everything (I have a couple of carry overs) but I think we did more than we might have if we hadn't been mindful of our lists.

1.  Take sabbatical
2.  Cure my plantar fasciitis
3.  Find a new hobby
4.  Be a regular community mentor
5.  Update will
6.  Follow regular fitness plan
7.  Take a course
8.  Do a creative project
9.  Try 12 new healthy recipes
10. Join a new social group
11. Visit the kids
12. Eat enough iron and calcium
13. Take at least 2 weekend trips
14. Organize computer and personal files
15. Find my passion
16. Put together an emergency preparedness kit
17. Create a retirement vision book
18. Buy a bookshelf

Good luck to all.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Jan 5, 2019 9:13 am

Dielle‍ You sound as though you are where I was a few years ago - wanting to take a sabbatical and making a retirement vision! I never got the sabbatical, but that’s OK, because I’m on a permanent one now (retired).

I should maybe warn you that #14 could be a toughie - I bought a new computer last summer and I’m still cleaning up files on the old one! LOL

Oh, and, if you’re looking for a new craft that involves textiles, call me! I can probably hook you up!

I’m really interested to learn what your passion is, so be sure to share!

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by LPPK on Jan 5, 2019 1:17 pm

Dielle‍  #13 Taking some weekend trips is a great way to refresh yourself. 
I put 'August, go for a driving trip for a few days/week' on my list. As we were watching The Curse of Oak Island the other night I suggested to my husband that perhaps we should visit Oak Island. And then the ideas started flowing... visit my maritime relatives, eat lots of seafood,  and golf a few courses.  Hmmm don't think we could do all that in one week, 4 of the days would be getting there and back.   So already one of my goals is expanding but that is a good thing.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Jan 6, 2019 8:41 am

LPPK‍ , there’s no place like the Maritimes for some good old R&R! I hope your plan works out!

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Elsie13 on Jan 6, 2019 4:58 pm

I'm not going to do a list of 19, because that seems like a lot of things, and part way through the year someone might come along and say "How's everyone doing with their list of 19."
         There is one thing I might try.  I might try sending some opinion pieces to The Montreal Gazette. I will check of course, but I think letters are often around 200 words, whereas an opinion piece might be 700 words or so.
     Years ago, around 2005, I became a member of Humanist Canada, and some of the humanists  I met on-line had written articles for humanist magazines, and  some had their letters published in mainstream newspapers.  So I started sending letters-to-the -editor to the Montreal Gazette.  None of my letters were published, until the 6th or 7th try. After that for 2 or 3 years, I would get maybe 4 or 5 letters per year published.  Then, I didn't send them in so often. 
    Anyway, here is some great folklore about lucky number 7 : 

Folklore :  Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, was hiding in a hut in the forest. His enemies were seeking him far and wide.

Six times he had met them in battle, and six times he had failed. Hope and courage were gone.

Bruce had given up all as lost. He was about to run away from Scotland, and to leave the country in the hands of his enemies.

Full of sorrow, he lay stretched on a pile of straw in the poor woodchopper's hut. While he lay thinking, he noticed a spider spinning her web.

 The spider was trying to spin a thread from one beam of the cottage to another. It was a long way between the beams, and Bruce saw how hard a thing it was for her to do.

"She can never do it," thought the king.

The little spider tried it once and failed She tried it twice and failed. The king counted each time. At length she had tried it six times and had failed each time.

"She is like me," thought the king. "I have tried six battles and failed. She has tried six times to reach the beam and failed."

Then starting up from the straw, he cried, "I will hang my fate upon that little spider.

If she swings the seventh time and fails, then I will give up all for lost. If she swings the seventh time and wins, I will call my men together once more for a battle with the enemy."

The spider tried the seventh time, letting herself down upon her slender thread. She swung out bravely.

"Look! look!" shouted the king. "She has reached it. The thread hangs between the two beams. If the spider can do it, I can do it."

Bruce got up from the straw with new strength and sent his men from village to village, calling the people to arms.

The brave soldiers answered his call and came trooping in.

At length his army was ready to fight, and when the king led them in a great battle against the enemy, this time, like the spider, Bruce won.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by Dielle on Jan 9, 2019 12:09 pm

Cynthia Mac‍ My #14 actually comes from the situation as yours, haha.  I got a new laptop and got the new one going but I moved some files to icloud and want to make sure that everything is someplace before I get rid of the old one.  I hope you're enjoying retirement.  I became eligible for my sabbatical (we get 7 weeks every 7 years) while I was in treatment so I didn't take it then or when I first went back to work.  This year for sure.  And then at some point I will probably start cutting my hours and slide into retirement.  So thats why I want to think about what I am passionate about - because it is no longer work.

LPPK‍ I love the idea of weekend getaways.  But I am very bad at planning ahead.  But if its on my list there's a better chance it will get done.  Have fun on all your adventures.

Re: Happy New Year!

Posted by LPPK on Mar 17, 2019 11:30 am

I have been having a great time working on our family history, one of my 19 for 2019.  If nothing else it will lead to great conversation starters.  The fairy tale that is my family can be traced back, who knows where accuracy and fairy tale diverge to 80 AD.  Knights, princes, princesses, queens, kings,supreme ruler, Vikings, sheriffs, abbotts, archdeacons, and canons can be found lurking in my distant past. Who wouldn't want to be related to real life characters such as Godwulf The Trojan Asgard King of the Troy,  Woden (Odin) “king of the Wsedes Supreme Ruler of the Scythians of Asgard, “The Viking” 1st King of Wessex Cerdic Gewissae,   Eaba Eafa Esa Eoppa Eopping Prince of Saxons Wessex, and  Robert Ripley of Ripley's Believe it or Not fame? 
If you are looking for a way to pass some pleasurable time you might like to try checking into your genealogy.  If you have already, what interesting characters feature in your family tree?