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Let's Discuss...Hope

Let's discuss… hope

The giving and receiving of hope can be found in posts throughout CancerConnection.ca.

Tell us about your hope for the future for yourself, your loved one or the members of our online community below.

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LOL. I used to be hopeful. Now I just hope to get hit by a bus so I don't have to deal with this anymore. 
I do have hope.  For me personally, my hope is found through my Faith.  I am a Christian and I am relying on His strength.  That He will be my strength when I am weak.  He will be the strength for my family.  My hope is in Him.
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Thanks Lacey. This is a difficult one for me and i struggle to keep my thoughts on the “glass half full” side. Tbh, I just don’t trust my body anymore. I do what I can to keep healthy, both mentally and physically for instance group workshops, reading, good eating habits and exercise. And the hope is a little light glimmering deep inside me, working to let that distrust go.
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I take one day at a time and live that day as fully as I can...I have learnt to listen to myself and my body, and to take care of every aspect in my life be it mental, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical...I live in the present, now, more than before, and that has helped me to set my priorities better...to do what's most important at the moment...and to live each day with joy and gratitude...
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Where ever there is life there is hope. . My hopes and dreams for the future kind of went down the drain  when Dan passed away.     So I  have to come up with new hopes and dreams for the future now.    Haven't figured that out yet.   Just taking things one day at a time now.    
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I know it wasn't your intent - but you made me laugh. I have felt like that myself before. Where is that bus???. Just feeling like you've had enough and there is no escape.


I hope the recurrence I had is the last I see of my cancer.

I hope my CT scan today is clear, and I just keep on the surveillance program with no further intervention requited.

But if something comes up, I will have to deal with it and hope for the best.

So, don't jump in front of a bus, do your best and hope for the best.

Keep well

ACH2015 - Andy.

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jennifer_m‍  I often felt the same way as you and sometimes  still have my moments
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I know it wasn't your intent - but you made me laugh. I have felt like that myself before Where is that bus???. Just feeling like you've had enough and there is no escape.


I hope the recurrence I had is the last I see of my cancer.

I hope my CT scan today is clear, and I just keep on the surveillance program with no further intervention requited.

But if something comes up, I will have to deal with it and hope for the best.

So, don't jump in front of a bus, do your best and hope for the best.

Keep well

ACH2015 - Andy.


I'm leaning into the dark humour these days ;)

Hope your scan brings good news. 
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As I await starting radiation shortly after the Christmas holidays  and continuing with Herceptin until October, my hope is that I can continue to cope with my treatment and all the side effects I am experiencing, and that I do not become too much of a burden for my family. They have been so supportive but I know at times it must be difficult for them at times. An example is my youngest daughter who is taking two months off from her one-woman business  to accompany me to the US for my radiation treatment.So yes, my hope is that I do not become too much of a burden for my family. I have not reached the stage of looking for that bus yet, but I definitely have my moments.
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Being a cofacilitator of a Cancer Support Group in Burnaby BC, Hope, is my way of coping with my Breast Cancer, and the Cancer of others in our group.  Taking one day at a time and hope the days ahead will be good.
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Hi there, My hope is for the future that there are more cures for cancer, that because I have changed my lifestyle and expectations that I will lead a fuller, healthier life, Happy life and enjoy the beauty around me. I hope that because I experienced colon cancer that by volunteering in Oncology that I can help others feel more encouraged and at ease with their treatments and outcome and pay my success forward. I intend to spend every day of life I have left living and surrounding myself with all the family, friends and strangers that make me happy, I am never looking back!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and a bright, cheery and healthy 2019

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About 6 weeks ago I came through my fourth surgery for tongue/oral cancer. This one was the biggest one so far, took 10 hours in the O.R. Before the surgery, my doctors had said there was little to no hope of "curing" this cancer, and I may have to do chemo to give me another year or two of life. My surgeon said he basically "cleaned out everything in my throat, clear to my spinal column"  ( took my larynx,, the tongue flap from previous surgery, tonsil area, part of soft palate,etc.) , and rebuilt what he had to and gave me an artificial voice prosthesis. My healing has gone quite well, my pathology says the margins were tiny but clear. So no chemo. And now I live to see another day - or two , or two hundred, or maybe five hundred. I will cherish each day.  I have had to learn to communicate without speaking, although my speech therapist has me practicing, so I have hope for that to one day be successful.
I will have to have periodic CT scans to watch for metasteses, but that is a small price to pay. I have long said that "where there is life, there is hope" , and I am living by that phrase. We must always have hope, for life is very bare without it. I am doing my best to feed my body and my spirit well, keep in touch with friends, and enjoy my surroundings.
I am hoping that everyone else on this site has a healthy, happy year in 2019!
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a hope for me is finding more balance in my life next year - this year has been crazy busy and stressful in terms of the volunteer side of my life (I'm a unit leader in both Scouts and Girl Guides, and this year took over the admin side of both groups, and have been dealing with friendships gone toxic in both groups now, ugh!). I feel like one of the circus performers spinning plates, except mine have been as wobbly as a drunk, and a couple have smashed. Next year I'd like more peace, and a better balance of obligations and doing things for fun. Better health would be good too. 

for my family - more time spent together, for me to become more fluent in Minecraft so i can understand my son, lol. My kids continuing to amaze me and all of us surviving puberty? And less stress for my hubs, so he can sleep better and be happier. 

for everyone here - as good health as can be managed, more NED, fewer recurrences, and all of us avoiding those sneaky buses ;) 
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jennifer_m‍ Like ACH2015 said, your post made me laugh.  Hopefully that was your intention, but regardless, as most of us here have ups and downs and likely felt the exact same thing.

Thanks you for making me smile, even if that was not your intention.  I hope your journey ends well!
 don't how to start my message about hope. After being diagnosed with colon cancer my only hope was to recover. Once I recovered, the years of treatment still haunting me and the hope of being alive was replaced by fears from the future. 
My story may be similar to many. I came to Canada 8 years ago and as a newcomer, I was looking for a new path career to identify myself with. In my backcountry, I was a dentist. I have been in this industry for 22 years and I thought it is enough. Hence, I pursued a second career at Ryerson University- Public Health and Safety. The day of my graduation I was diagnosed with colon cancer, June  2016. My surgery was November 2016. The recovery period was long and painful. Once I felt better, I started looking for jobs. I went to many unemployment centers, agencies for people with disabilities but all doors are still closed.
My hope was to start anew but what remained is the fear of dying from solitude and exclusion from a society that advertises inclusion and equity but the reality is different.
My hope is that a cure for all cancers be found or that it can become a disease that can be managed, not terminal.

for myself I hope to be able to dance at all my grandchildren’s weddings! 
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My hope is that all the pain and suffering both mental and physical Cancer inflicts would just disappear and everyone could go back to living their lives again. That is my hope and my wish, A person can dream can't They? 
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I hope that the radiation and chemo given to maintain this metastatic colon cancer is not too severe and the impact on the quality of life is minimal and when the time comes I don’t have to suffer too much and too long. But in the meantime I hope to be given strength and courage for me and my family to face all the hurdles along this scary journey. Seeing another Christmas got to be happy with that. Merry Christmas
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The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of hope is...to cherish a desire with anticipation to want something to happen or be true
My hope for my family is that they will be self aware of their health and they will take advantage of the various cancer screening available.
My hope for all on this site is for everyone to be able to cherish with anticipation, something big or small that brings a smile to their face, a feeling of comfort with their new normal and find a joy in this life.
My hope for the future is for a cure for all cancers to be found,
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The C Word

A twinge, a pain,
A fear ingrained.
That word, that stain,
A cell unchained.

Our lives unhinged,
Our thoughts to fear,
How long, how pained,
Our thoughts unclear.

I stand, I fight,
For there is always fight.
I believe in what is possible.

~M. Fader Oct 2018
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My hope is to be able to watch my son grow up and to make as many memories as I can with him while I can. Lately it has been difficult to do with me being in constant pain and always being ill or having surgery after surgery, but as much as I want to give up, I know that I need to fight for him.
As for all the wonderful people in this community I hope and pray for the very best for each and every one of you and your families.
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Hope is beautiful and neccessary for every person just live the moment and having hope for a better days enjoy the day be happy take care of yourself eat well exercise and love your loved ones.
Hope is an act of defiance. I was diagnosed with serious lung cancer. Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer by far. More people die of lung cancer than the next three deadliest cancers combined. The five year survival rate for lung cancer is 17%. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 years and 364 days ago. True story! Never give up!  Choose defiance. Choose to believe, to act in hope! I'm starting a hope movement at the cancer centre. If a lung cancer patient can hope, maybe other cancer patients can too! Join me in hoping! Join the Conspiracy of Hope! Dare to act defiantly. Hope!  www.ThroughtheValley.ca Best to you all. Jill xo
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Hope is: Being diagnosed with a terminal metastatic cancer where the only treatment is 40 yrs old and offers no hope, but having the gumption to push forward and challenge the system.
Hope is: When all is lost, entering into a clinical trial with hopes that the patients that come after you will survive based on your decision to continue to fight.
Hope is: When the clinical trial you offered yourself into, becomes an approved treatment solution for a previously untreatable cancer.
Hope is: Being alive and being able to see and hear about the successes you voluntarily gave yourself up to, so others could survive.
Hope is: A new approved drug that is changing the way we cure cancer. Because you pushed forward.

Yes, I am still here and I have seen many changes in the last 12 yrs of cancer treatment. When all was lost, the doctors told me that the purpose was to keep me alive for just a little bit longer in hopes that a new treatment would come along. We went three months, then six months, then longer, because I was willing to fight.

My treatment was painful, but the doctors obliged and kept the pain to a minimum. I had no life but I wasn't quitting. Then things started to get better and here I am today and in the last month I watched the Federal govt of Canada approve the treatment plan I worked so hard to trial.

Hope comes full circle when you believe in it!!

When Lacey, posted this thread, I had to think about it for my story is all about hope and determination. I want you to hope and continue to push forward.

I can do it (did it) and am still here!! I even got placed into hospice for my final days. While I don't remember much about that time, my family continued to fight and got me a chance at a new, "fresh off the shelf" drug. They took me out of hospice and drove me to the cancer clinic where I received the first batch of this new wonder drug. I went from being kept alive on straight oxygen to breathing on my own in a two week period. Today I have no evidence of disease. 7 years ago now.

It is a very tough battle. Myself and my family kept hope in their hearts throughout the entire journey and even to this day. I found out that cancer is not one to mess around with. It does not play well with others, but it can be fought and I am living proof.
Don't give up hope!

Note: my trial drug was Traflinar. Now approved as a combo drug with Mekinist for all Melanoma patients in a adjuvant setting. AMAZING!!


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I have always been focused on capturing every moment and creating memories that last a life time. 
I have always been so grateful for the life I have and for the wonderful sons and husband who are always so caring and loving.
I am surrounded  by so much love.  
Since August 2015-- Hope has surfaced in my daily routine.

My hope is to continue a life filled with love and laughter...
Hope with love will open so many doors -- doors to the cure, doors to keeping peace, joy and love that surrounds us.
Without Hope, we cannot move forward...Hope is the strength that keeps us going and my wish for all of us is to keep the light of Hope burning...because hope will lead us to our goals.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may the New Year continue with Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.
Sincerely, Liza
My hope for all is for a peaceful time whether it be in life or death. Living in peace and love with all who surround you is the greatest blessing and passing in peace and love is also. My hope is truly that all who read this will be attending Holiday festivities for many years to come.
Much heartfelt  love to all who are struggling through this journey of doctors and hospitals, perhaps you are even sitting next to my husband as he receives his biweekly chemo treatment. Give thanks to the nurses who are worked off their feet in the ward. ( we are taking them a gift today0.
Wishing everyone happy Holidays for whatever your belief system is.
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Theseamstress‍ Well said!
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What  a powerful word ! It can mean so many things to each of us for different reasons .I think we all want hope on our  journeys no matter where that may lead us .I think we want our families to have hope to.We all want to believe in something and maybe if we all have hope together it can make us stronger and ready to face our battles.
Cynthia Mac
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 When I was going through a rough time a few years ago, I had someone offer up the hope for the highest good for all concerned. Ever since then, I’ve always hoped for the highest good whenever I’ve found myself in a difficult situation.

The highest good could be everything from a full recovery of a loved one to an end to their pain.

May 2019 bring the highest possible good to everyone here and to your loved ones.

And peace. Theseamstress‍ talked about peace. Peace is part of the highest good - possibly the highest good of all — peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of being. It’s all good.
See, for me, life without hope is worth nothing. This is the only thing that gets me going. The hope that the guy upstairs has a darn good reason for putting me through this hurdle. I take one day at a time. I went through lumpectomy and radiation and now dealing with radiation cough constantly, but I never give up. I go and I try to find the right solution for each issue. I eat healthy, I exercise every day, I go to work and immerse myself in my work so that I don't think about things like illness, I keep busy and I keep a positive attitude and engage with people who make me laugh and support me emotionally. I find myself not doing well when I am with people who drain me. They are people who don't have faith in God. I am not religious but I truly believe that there is a higher power that leads our lives and gives us all these bumps in the road to make us better, more humble people. You can't take life for granted, you take each day with gratitude and you say thank you for bringing me my breath back, thank you for giving me clothes so that I am not cold, thank you for my kids, my grandkids, my whatever you are grateful for and this means that you are bringing back what you put out. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more good stuff you get. An illness is not a punishment, it's a lesson to show you how strong you are when you need to be strong. We are here for a reason, we are still alive and we are coping and we will all beat this. This is what hope is all about. 
Have a good holiday everyone and a great productive and happy new year filled with love and laughter and good friendships. Amen xoxo
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