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Urachal bladder cancer
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it seems i have urachal bladder cancer.anterior wall.has anyone else have this and how is treatment going.?
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@Sts so very sorry for your diagnosis. Im wondering if @Trapper @Cooper2019 @Clarke and @Kat20 might be able to share their experiences with you.

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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March, 2019. Scary! After extensive tests and input from 3 cancer surgeons and one who specialized in removing the whole bladder “and it’s little friends”, I opted for removal rather than a series of treatments that might be successful.

I am pleased with the outcome! Home after 2 months in hospital and getting nursing care twice weekly. Tested at Toronto General or Princess Margaret Hospitals as my surgeon ordered, twice a year.

Alive and watching the sun and the birds go by every day!

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