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Movie 'One Week' on Netflix
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Warning - possible trigger alerts for some.

Without spoilers, because it's the description of the movie…a young man gets a terminal cancer diagnosis, buys a Norton motorcycle, leaves a perplexed fiance behind and heads for the Pacific. It's a Canadian movie, with a lot of scenery and Canadian-isms.

I loved the movie….that being said, I didn't receive the same diagnosis or lose hope, so I wasn't watching through that lens.

I enjoyed the scenic Canadian spots, and humour…yes, there is humour. I liked the lessons he learned along the way. I like the main themes of the movie…something like ‘make the moments count’, ‘live your dreams while you can', ‘do that thing you always wanted to do but didn’t think you were good enough', ‘just DO it’.

If you've watched it…what did you think?


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Ok now I want to watch this but on my third day of treatment and tears bring stabbing pains to my eyeballs much like the first bite syndrome pain. Anyone else experience this?
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I don't know about this ‘first bite syndrome pain’ that you speak of…perhaps specific to your treatment.

However, I didn't cry during this movie. I did laugh. Okay, maybe one part made me mist up, but then again, I'm as tough as nails. I even just watched the end of ‘This is Us'…if I didn't bawl during most of that series, it means there may not be tears left in me!

Anyway, I thought it was a good movie and loved the Canadian references.


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Thanks for the recommendation. Loved it as well for all the same reasons. A couple of misty-eyed moments but managed to take a deep breathe and turn my head momentarily to get through it lol.

Read about the painful tears in several posts in a Capecitabine fb group and sure enough it’s a thing.

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Interested to watch it on the weekend. Thank you for recommendation.

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good morning friend.

consider yourself an influencer, cuz I watched this movie on the weekend, based on your recommendation.

I really enjoyed it.

the trip across Canada is loosely similar to one that I had done with a sister….so cool to see some of the same landmarks we stopped for.

I loved the narrator, seemed to add a dimension to the happenings that dialogue alone wouldn't have delivered.

my fave was the relationships. not all flowers and sunshine, but some real life stuff in there. no spoilers…..but I related big time to that part of this story.

my only criticism: as with all cancer movies, I marvel at the ‘beauty’ of the patient. I know reality wouldn't sell, but it is a huge stretch to imagine that someone at this stage of the game would look so great, and even have the stamina to ride a bike for hours on end.

thanks for the share. I am always on the lookout for interesting things to watch….at almost 3 years of a broken foot over here - send me any/all recommendations.

have a great week
see ya at the movies!

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I just found it on YouTube. I don't have Netflix. I'm going to watch it this afternoon.


Ran out of episodes of Jack Ryan so… I watched it.

Loved the old Norton Commando. I have some friends in Vancouver who bought an old beater and took it across the country in ten days (all the way to St Johns) left it on the street and caught a plane home. Just because.

I found this wasn't so much a story about cancer as about relationships and wisdom. Maybe that is what cancer is about? I was shocked to discover that the budget was $2Million. It looked like it was shot with a shaky hand held camera but maybe that was to be part of the charm.

But I too was taken by all the charming places I have been (though never the Presidential Suite in Banff Springs.)


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@WestCoastSailor - I am surprised at the $2M price tag as well. Perhaps the crew ate really well on the road.


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@Sadie12 Last night we watched the movie “One Week”. Really enjoyed the theme and humour. Good to see all the Canadian landmarks, even though some are a bit tacky 🤣. The relationship between Ben and Sam was very interesting. I am still pondering Ben’s comment to Sam, “this is not about you but about me”. Highly recommend.

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On the budget, that's dirt cheap for a film, especially one that traveled. Keep in mind equipment rentals, crew and actor accommodations and food on the road, and all the post-production costs. Making a feature for under $10 million is in itself a major accomplishment. Some people probably didn't get paid.

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We watched the movie yesterday after reading your post.

I was not sure how my husband would handle watching a movie about a cancer journey. But he seemed to enjoy it as a 'Let's travel across Canada' movie.

He really wants to travel again but so far it is not in the cards to do so.

Good Canadian content, real feelings though we may not agree with his choices they were his to make.

Thanks for suggesting it.


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@Sadie12 Hi Sadie, I just watched the movie and loved it. It really resonated with me in the sense that after the whole journey, I didn’t feel like the same person I was. I began seeing more of the beauty of the world that I had been overlooking. It was an important wake-up call, the things that mattered before, no longer did and casual friendships grew stronger bonds.

thank you for pointing it out!

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