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supplements,banana flour and red ginseng.
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well having 1st turbt next Monday.have been doing a lot of research and reading very good studies on banana starch and red treated ginseng.so I bought some.after chemo if I get it intend to juice and smoothie my way to better health. Already do a lot of exercise but with exercise I'm following the guidelines of 75 minutes vigorous intensity and 150 minutes of walking a week, I believe everything has an optimal amount.btw how long do you think the catheter will stay in?thank you all you r all angels.
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Cynthia Mac
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Sts‍ Have you checked with your doctors about your supplement plan? When my Dad started chemo, his oncologist took him off of most of his supplements because they would counteract what the chemo was supposed to do. Anything high in antioxidants (and I think ginseng would apply) - turmeric, blueberry and high vitamin C - were all off the table. He was allowed to continue taking his calcium and magnesium (because of osteporosis), and the doctor put him on folic acid and left him on his B 12 (I think - not 6). There is one or two cancers being treated now with high-dose vitamin C, but they’re quite specific ones, I believe.

His doctor said he could get his vitamins through food, just don’t sit down and eat a whole bag of oranges at once.

So, I encourage you to check with your doctors before you start rocking your plan!

I thought I would tag @tcarin into this conversation, whose father had a TURBT surgery and may have an idea regarding the length of time the catheter will be in.


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