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doctor looked at my mass and said superficial twice so H.T.G. it is .I ve always kept in shape,running weights,hiking.on a regular basis for 50 years,I m 72 and then theres my inlaw,outlaws still smoking could life a beer can,thats about it and I have b.c..But it is what it is and I have quit all smoke,cigs about 6 pack years spread over 30 years and the wacky,tobacco as well.guess better late than ever and now im hoping to get rid of cancer next Monday.i know though that exercise helps but none of us are immune plus doctor told me yesterday the whole niagara region is high rates of b.c. especially port Colburn.

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Hello. Being in shape and quitting smoking etc will serve you well going forward with your treatments. It is not for naught.

Is it your surgery that is scheduled for Monday? What type of surgery are you having?


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Best wishes to you! Hoping you will be able to continue as a moderater. Your kindness and suggestions have been helpful:-):-):-)

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@Lianne_Moderator turbt…….

Cynthia Mac
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Sts‍ I meant to mention in my last post that I believe the term “superficial” is a good sign.

So many people are aware of the link between tobacco and lung cancer, but very few have any idea about how many other cancers can arise from chronic tobacco use (alcohol, too - so many people think liver cancer, but that’s only the first organ the substance encounters).

That being said, cancer also pays a visit on people who live a pious lifestyle, so there’s no guarantee either way.

I hope your surgery goes well next week!
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