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This is my third go-round, and much harder

Even though the first time I had cancer it was much more severe, to the point where I was in palliative care, I did not feel this weak and tired. This time, I am not as sick, but I guess my body is worn down. I just finished treatment for pneumonia and, in someone my age (68), pneumonia itself is not a good sign. That could be why, of course, but I even find it hard to eat. I know intellectually that I should not compare the two situations; however, even earlier this year, when I had the second bout, I took it pretty much in stride. Both times, I ate well and a lot; this time, I can only manage a bit here and there, maybe a quarter sandwich and three or four ounces of fluid. I do make sure to have high calorie and high protein food. Fortunately, my mood is stable; I look for the good and the humour, and certainly if you like to eat, which I regularly do, this is a great time of year for fresh, solid food. Still, I have a hard time keeping my spirits up when nothing seems to help. I am small and slight to begin with – not teeny; I was a gymnast, so I had some good muscles, but I am losing a pound a day (it has been almost 50 years since Canada adopted metric; even my grandchildren still think in pounds!) even with ice cream and protein powder, lifting eensy weights (2.5 lbs.), which are all I can manage right now. I am not whining, please forgive me if I sound as if I am. I know so many people have it so much worse than I do. If you have any ideas to stave off the weight loss, I would be very happy to hear them, please and thank you. In the meantime, I am grateful to be here and I pray and send positive thoughts to others here, and those who have not found us yet. I hope that you can find some peace and happiness in your day(s).

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@SusiToronto welcome fellow Torontonian, and a fellow who also looooves to eat!!! Well, who doesn't Huh? And you don't ever have to apologize for your feelings, your feelings are your feelings. Thats why we are here, to listen and offer support. I like your attitude and sense of humour! Your body sure has been through the wringer. Sometimes when you get to the point of losing too much weight, number one is to get as many calories into you …no matter what the food is…for the time being. Well, as long as you enjoy it of course. Try smaller meals more frequently, tuna with tons of mayo ,cream soups with protein powder, pudding, ice cream…..KD with tons of cheese and butter.. .smoothies. …with tons of goodies and calories….you can pretty much put anything into a smoothie. Do you have blender? Soft foods may be easier to digest perhaps…. Boost, Ensure and Two Cal are always good bets if you have no appetite for food. Check the bottle for calories …the more the better. Is your health care team aware of what's happening with the weight loss? They can set you up with the oncology dietician who would be your best bet. They will set up a meal/nutrition plan for you based on your weight and size…. with ideas better than I came up with so you can maintain or gain some weight back. Good luck and I'm sure others will swing by with their ideas too.

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, SusiToronto‍ I’m sorry to hear that you’re challenged with this round.

A pound a day on a slight person is a lot - you might want to reach out to your health care team to see if they would want to look into what’s going on.

It sounds as though you’re doing everything you can as far as “bulking up” your calorie intake, other than to try keeping some pistachios or almonds by your chair, and remembering to snack on them. Costco has a pretty yummy trail mix with white chocolate chips and lots of dried fruit in it.

I hope you recover from your pneumonia, and can get some of your stamina back.
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@SusiToronto I would love to know more about how you got from Palliative care to here - they told me ‘months to live’ Stage 3C ovarian inoperable, platinum resistant, incurable. I rejected that prognosis and am doing everything I can to keep myself alive along with their ‘maintenance’ Avastin and Taxol. But I get ground down sometimes - what it is just isn't enough? I love hearing success stories. Regarding your diet -have you tried adding hemp seeds and chia seeds to smoothies and shakes or on top of salads? They are nutrient-dense. The same with nuts and avocados - they pack a lot of calories for a small amount. I hope we can help and inspire one another. :)

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