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Here we go again....update
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Had CT last week. ENT surgeon who ordered it, called on Saturday...looks like my luck has run out. The mass on my throat shows cancer as well lung and according to my online report there was something in my stomach as well as an enlarged pulmonary artery.
He ended the conversation with "its bad".
So now I'm waiting for the call from the cancer clinic....
Had so many plans, after Covid and then my cancer diagnosis/treatment last year, I was looking forward to actually living again. Its starting to look like I'll be making a different kind of plan now.
Haven't said anything to my family yet. Just my husband knows. And my friend because she was with me when the dr called. Waiting until I have something concrete to tell them. Not looking forward to telling my kids. They already lost their dad in 2012 to cancer. Along with their grandmother and aunt all within 3 months...they may be adults but losing both parents to cancer hardly seems fair....
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I am sorry to hear of your recurrence. I hope there is a treatment plan coming your way soon. I dealt with my own cancer in 2016, and again in 2017/2018. I understand how devastating it is to face cancer a second time.

I agree its best to wait until you get some solid news to share with the family.

I lost my father to cancer in 2016, and just recently my mother passed away from heart failure, and losing two parents is difficult to deal with.

I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers toward controlling your cancer.

Keep well


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@MaryAnne My heart breaks for you dealing with cancer for a third time? They say you never get more than you can handle but this is a very heavy load. You must be on your surgeon’s favourite patient list to get a call on Saturday. I’m sorry he wasn’t calling with better news. I’ve always admired the drs who can give it to me straight. I hope the rest of your team is as dedicated.
I am glad you came to this site. This is a huge bag of s**t to be carrying without friends and family. It is hard to break that news without knowing more details.
While you wait for appointments and plans I hope you find some peace in your family and gardens. Please keep us up to date with your progress.

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oh MA--it just doesn't seem fair!

you have been thru the wringer already…that you are again dealing with this, after all the treatments you have endured, again…..is: JUST. NOT. FAIR.

thank you for sharing the news with us-it is a heavy burden to keep so close.
I completely understand not telling others who love you very much, until you have some more information.

this community is here for you. let us know how we can support you as this next chapter of your cancer story unfolds.

hugs from over here

#badnews #waitingforappointment #notfair #recurrence

I'm just checking in to see how you are doing? Have you got further clarification or a treatment plan? Have you told your family?

Thinking of you


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