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Waiting for Answers

Monday was my final treatment for 3C1 cervical cancer. I am relieved to be done with 5 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation and 3 brachytherapy treatments. I am trying to keep my mind busy while I heal and wait for answers. I received copies of insurance documents that said my prognosis was “good” so I know that if I’m not cancer free at least there was some improvement. My main concern is that prior to my 2nd brachytherapy treatment, my PET scan was reviewed and they noticed 3 small dots that were missed during the initial review of the scan. I have 2 dots in my left armpit and 1 dot in my left breast. When the oncologist told me this my heart sank and I’m sure the worry was written all over my face. The oncologist told me not to go to cancer right away, easier said than done, as PET scans can show other changes in your body. The team seemed relieved when I told them I had my 2nd shingles vaccine in my left arm on April 18th and my scan was April 28th. They believe these dots could be from the vaccine and I’m hoping they are right. I was told I will be receiving a call from the breast clinic to have a mammogram to confirm. Waiting for the hospital to call with an appointment and waiting for answers is really doing my head in.

I am having a really hard time feeling like I’m stressing too much. I have an appointment with a psychologist next week so hopefully I can get things under control. Open to any tips/tricks to help with worry. I took short walk today and am really hoping to be able to start riding my bicycle by the end of the week as I know that will help. I am finding the internal radiation has zapped my energy more than the external.

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@GeorginaJennie congratulations on finishing your treatment. I had several “scare” CT scans during my breast and ovarian cancer journey and they all turned out to be nothing. It is hard not to worry but as someone once told me, you can't change the results by worrying about them. You only know what is true today. The good news is that they are following up and hopefully you will get answers soon. My one suggestion is to make sure you stay off Dr. Google. It will likely only serve to ramp up your anxiety. Good idea to take walks and hopefully get riding your bicycle again. I would lose myself in quilting or other crafty things I liked to do. I also spent a lot of time organizing closets, drawers, etc. It kept my mind busy and I was productive at the same time.

I hope all goes well with your mammogram. We are here to support you no matter the outcome.

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@GeorginaJennie The waiting really is a torment added to this cancer journey. I liked @JustJan suggestions about keeping busy with those mindless tasks. I would usually have music blaring away that I could focus on. When I am in the mountains or by water my whole body relaxes. For my sister it is the huge prairie skies that makes her breath again. Find your heaven.
Look at the number of times you have rang those treatment bells in the past. You’re not made of crumbing sand. You have substance or you wouldn’t have come this far. ❤️

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