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Here we go again....
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So, 5 days ago, I had appointment with my ENT and mentioned a concern about a lump on my throat. I fully expected him to say it was scar tissue...perfectly normal and no big deal (I had over 30 lymph nodes removed) instead I hear "that's not supposed to be there" and then watched him literally push me out the door and send me upstairs to have an emergency ultra sound. Yesterday I get a call saying he had had ordered a CT "as soon as possible".
I have already gone online and read my ultra sound report...looks like there's probably a biopsy in my future..."histologic sampling is recommended"
I've had cancer twice. Just finished my treatment for tongue Cancer Dec 3 2021. Right now I'm wondering if it's "3 times lucky" or "3 strikes you're out".....
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Runner Girl
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Let's go with 3 times lucky!!

I'm sorry you have this going on. Hopefully if it is something, its early and they can do something about it. They certainly are moving quickly, which is a plus.

Hang in there and let us know how you progress.

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yep - I'm with @Runner Girl — lets say 3 X lucky.

lucky you had an appointment
lucky you mentioned it
lucky your doc was so reacationary

if it is ‘something’ you ‘luckily’ have caught it nice and early.

cheers from over here

#alwaysmentionsomethingdifferent #cancerpatient #lucky

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Oh my goodness @MaryAnne I’m sure your stomach did back flips in his office. I’m sorry for the current stressful situation it puts you in. Yeeesh. I am joining the others in saying it is 3 times lucky! I am glad that they are looking after you promptly. It sounds like you are a veteran at this cancer thing. Sending you 3 lucky clovers 🍀🍀🍀

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Saw my GP today…he feels they will do an extraction biopsy…so another big surgery in my future…ugh

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@MaryAnne Sorry you find yourself in the same spot for a third time. Remember that you came out of your health crisis a winner twice so far, that means you are a fighter and this is just another fight you have to set your mind to win. Take it one day at a time for now and if you feel you get overwhelmed with what’s going on with your health….lean on us for support we are here to help in any way we can. Warm hug to you!

Resilience…today is a brand new day and I will make the most of it!!


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