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Be Well Talks: Men’s Speaker Series
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I wanted to bring attention to one of Wellspring’s upcoming online programs, a 5-part series for men, that may be of interest to some of you.

  • Common Types Of Cancer In Men
  • Being A Cancer Caregiver & The Importance Of Self Care
  • Financial Matters With A Cancer Diagnosis: Considerations For A Return To Work
  • Residual Effects Of Cancer Treatment & Fear Of Recurrence
  • Living With Cancer: The Importance Of Exercise & Nutrition


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Love this @S2020 I reposted it in the Men's Room. (Yeah I didn't change it from Man Cave.)

But I suspect that they will have really poor uptake and I don't know why. If you are a man reading this - take a minute and tell me why or why not you are going. What would you do differently to get information about cancer to men. And a caveat. Women please don't answer and speculate. I see too many female caregivers who take over for their husbands and that is part of the problem. (Maybe that's why I'm single.)


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