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The strangest things…
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Bring the tears! I start chemotherapy tomorrow for stage 2b breast cancer, today I was busy talking to nurses about what to expect, arranging home care for my PICC line and the pharmacy about supplies and meds, I even did a teams meeting for lymphedema. I was fine, just focused on organizing etc, then the chemo nurse told me I can’t swim with a picc line and this was the straw today, I bawled for a good minute! Gah!! I’m sure many of you have similar incidents, hugs!!

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Labgirl‍ I can totally relate!!! I received my cancer diagnosis at the same time I realized it was time for my old pup and I to say our goodbyes. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of appointments and tests including our final vet appointment. Family was informed as well as preparing for a leave from a job I loved. I did not dare shed a tear as I wasn’t sure I would stop.
Two weeks after my diagnosis I was out walking and a neighbour asked where my dog was. An explosion of tears flooded out and this poor man (that I am not close to) didn’t know what to say. You can only be brave for so long before those emotions bubble up.
Hoping everything goes well with chemo for you. I know it has a bad rap but chemo has been the gentlest part of my journey. Wishing you few side effects with all of them temporary. ❤️
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@Labgirl I hope your chemo goes well tomorrow. Sorry that you won’t be able to go in a pool. I hear you on the straw - I too have had experience with that and sometimes those emotions come out at the strangest times.

Reach out if you need to lean on us for support:

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yep, I had a complete melt down with one of the last folks on earth I would have chosen to be so vulnerable with! haha surprised us both…..

sending all the good vibes today for your first chemo.

ALL the good vibes Labgirl


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