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the biospy is done
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they said it would be easier than a breast biospy,......not so much. They were biopsies 1.3 can and had to go in a few times. he said ot was the hardest one he did and 50/50 of a complete sample but we knew that bc of location. now just more waiting.....
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Runner Girl
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Good to have the biopsy out of the way. Now the waiting game again. Hopefully now they have the full picture and can get on with your treatment.


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One more step behind you.

The waiting is the absolute worst. Hate it. I know they have to do what they have to do to get us the answers but it does not make the waiting any easier.

Thinking good thoughts and hoping you get a negative biopsy result and I totally agree with you, the lung biopsy was worse than the breast biopsy.

Cynthia Mac
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@sun46 - I’m glad that this test is over for you, and hope they got enough tissue to get you come concrete information.
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