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Could use your prayers
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Hey friends I’m currently in the emergency with a fever. They suspect I may have some infection I can’t pronounce. They have also swabbed me for covid. I just ask for your prayers for me pretty please.
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Runner Girl
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Sending prayers your way my dear. Hopefully they can get this sorted out for you quickly.

Runner Girl 🙏

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@Cupcakes - sending prayers of healing your way. May God bless you.


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Praying for you @Cupcakes . Please let us know hoe you are when you are able to.

@Cupcakes- Thinking of you, sending strength and hugs

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good vibes for cupcakes today

I'll let others take care of the prayers, but am sending you ALL of my good vibes today - let us know how things move along…..


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Good morning @Cupcakes I'm sorry to hear you landed in hospital and have this new worry to be concerned about. Emerg is never fun. I hope your wait time is not too long. I am sending prayers and virtual hugs your wY, and hope to hear from you soon that you are OK and out of that emergency department.

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Lots of love coming your way @Cupcakes !


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Holding you gently. I too was in the hospital during my treatments. I understand how that can be scary…..and you're in the right place. I hope you have good care.

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@Cupcakes thinking of you and holding you in my thoughts and prayers. Even though it’s scary, you are in the right place. Sending you a virtual hug.

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Sending you prayers & healing energy❤️

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Thank you all so much! Appreciate all the good vibes and prayers. I am home now. My fever broke. They treated me for pneumonia via IV. Still waiting on the covid results.
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@Cupcakes I hope that you get your results quickly and that they are negative. It is good that you are now home. Is your treatment for pneumonia continuing at home?

Sending healing thoughts and virtual hugs.


@Cupcakes Good to hear you are home.

How are you feeling? Are you getting some rest?

I hope your results are negative,


Just seeing this now @Cupcakes . Glad you are home. Hopefully you are able to rest and your test comes back negative.

Sending lots of positive vibes and thoughts your wa.



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I am starting to feel better and the fever hasn’t come back 🥳 and also even better covid negative 🥳🥳 yes they sent me home with an oral treatment for the next week MCoaster‍ All is well ! Thank you all! ❤️
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@Cupcakes I'm glad you are home and starting to feel better. Take care of yourself.

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@Cupcakes My husband was in hospital for pneumonia in November so I understand feeling that unwell is awful :( Glad you got the good drugs and are COVID negative.

Remember to stay rested as you recover.

Healing energies your way! Kim

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Sending good wishes that everything will turn out ok


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Hello @Cupcakes I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem,. I hope they get it figured out and have you feeling better soon. I will certainly pray as you requested. Please keep us posted how you are doing.

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Hoping you.ve gotten through the worst of it by now back on your feet . Sending more prayers for stability , medical IVs of good stuff and practical helps to lift you up again . Amen

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Thanks so much @elle29 all is well with me. Fully recovered from that cold and fever. Went back to chemo, back in to the swing of things. I should share with you that my latest scans came back great and all the cancer is currently sleeping as my oncologist puts it. 🥳🥳 this is the best case scenario for me 🙏👏

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Praying for you @Cupcakes . Puncie

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